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Utility and Emergency Services in Gujarat


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Utility and Emergency Services in Gujarat

As most of the states in India, Gujarat also has a host of utilities and services for the proper living of the people. The government of the state, Gujarat, has invested heavily to provide high-quality services to the citizens of the state, there are various government-operated organisations and companies which are fully functional in providing all the amenities to the people living in Gujarat.

A number of services are also required when you are trapped in a problem, these services range from fire services to the police services. As the rest of the states in India, Gujarat also have allotted funds for the creation and management of these emergency services. The utilities and the services offered by the Gujarat government are:

Electricity Services in Gujarat

Public Utility in Gujarat

Gujarat Electricity Board (GEB) is the body that manages the power requirements in Gujarat. GEB was established in 1960 when Gujarat was formed with an aim to generate, transmit and distribute electricity to all parts of the state, effectively. The headquarters of the Board is nestled at Race Course, Vadodara. The Board was reorganized into seven companies from 1st April 2005 onwards, and from then the generation, transmission, distribution and trading of the electricity in Gujarat is being controlled mutually by these seven companies. These seven companies are:

Gujarat Urja Vikas Nigam Limited (GUVNL)

Gujarat Urja Vikas Nigam Limited is the holding company which was established in May 1999 and registered under the Companies Act 1956. The company is responsible for power generation, transmission and distribution in Gujarat.

GUVNL Registered and Corporate Office
Sardar Patel Vidyut Bhawan, Race Course, Vadodara – 390007
Phone: 0265 – 2310582/83/84/85/86
Fax: 0265 – 2337918/2338164

Gujarat State Electricity Corporation Limited

Gujarat State Electricity Corporation Limited (GSECL) is the company that is owned by the GEB, which came into existence in August 1993. It is a power generation company that is responsible for the production of the most of the electrical power in the state of Gujarat. Power stations under GSECL are:
  • Ukai Thermal Power Station – Coal
  • Gandhinagar Thermal Power Station – Coal
  • Wanakbori Thermal Power Station – Coal
  • Sikka Thermal Power Station – Coal
  • Kutch Lignite Thermal Power Station – Lignite
  • Dhuvaran Gas Based CCPP – Gas
  • Utran Gas Based Power Station – Gas
  • Ukai Hydro Power Station – Hydro
  • Kadana Hydro Power Station – Hydro
  • Panam Canal Mini Hydro Power Station – Hydro
GSECL Registered and Corporate Office: Vidyut Bhavan, Race Course, Vadodara-390007

Gujarat Energy Transmission Corporation Limited (GETCO)

It is an electrical power transmission company which was established in May 1999 and is responsible for the transmission of electricity across the whole state of Gujarat.

GETCO Registered & Corporate Office
: Sardar Patel Vidyut Bhavan, Race Course, Vadodara - 390007
Phone: 0265 – 2310582/2310586

Uttar Gujarat Vij Company Limited (UGVCL)

Uttar Gujarat Vij Company Limited is one of the four power distribution companies under the GEB. The company was formed on 15th September 2003 by the Gujarat Electricity Board and was offered the Certificate of the Commencement of Business on 15th October 2003.

UGVCL Registered & Corporate Office
: Visnagar Road, Mehsana -384001
Phone: 02762 – 222080/222081
Fax No: 02762 – 223574

Dakshin Gujarat Vij Company Limited (DGVCL)

It is also an electrical power distribution company which was established on 15th September 2003 and awarded the Certificate of the Commencement of Business on 15th October 2003. It is the part of the effort that was taken to reconstruct the power sector in Gujarat.

DGVCL Registered & Corporate Office
: Nana Varachh Road, Kapodara, Surat – 385006
Phone: 0261 – 2506000/2506200/25066112
Fax: 0261 – 2572636/2574251

Madhya Gujarat Vij Company Limited (MGVCL)

Established on 15th September 2003, Madhya Gujarat Vij Limited (MGVCL) is an electrical distribution company under Gujarat Electrical Board (GEB).

MGVCL Registered & Corporate Office:
Sardar Patel Vidyut Bhavan, Race course, Vadodara-390007
Phone: 0265 – 2310583/2310586
Fax: 0265 – 2337918/2338164

Paschim Gujarat Vij Company Limited (PGVCL)

The company was formed on 15th September 2003 under GEB, and is an electrical distribution company which was awarded the Certificate of Commencement of Business on 15th October 2003.

PGVCL Registered & Corporate Office
: Paschim Gujarat Vij Seva Sadan, Nana Mava Main Road, Laxminangar, Rajkot – 360004
Phone: 0281 – 2380425/2380427
Fax: 0281 – 2380428

Gujarat Energy Development Agency

Abbreviated as GEDA, Gujarat Energy Development Agency is a 33-year-old company that holds a reputation to put Gujarat on the World renewable energy map. The organization has been working in the field of renewable energy development and energy conservation. It is the first State Nodal Agency (SNA) and the State Designated Agency (SDA) which has been actively involved in popularizing the alternative and energy efficient technologies. It is an ancestral agency to the Commission on Additional Sources of Energy (CASE) and the Ministry of Non-Conventional Energy Sources (MNES), which is now known as Ministry of Renewable Energy (MNRE). GEDA has taken steps that involve the production and consumption of the energy from the renewable resources. The main motive of the agency is to create energy liberate citizenship who are capable of making wise energy choices. Some of the main objectives of GEDA are:
  • Development of competitive markets for renewable energy power projects.
  • Providing support to private companies and organizations through a single window clearance.
  • Accelerating the promotion of the sustainable energy technologies through various outreach projects and programs.
  • Providing aid in generating productive jobs and offer necessary services to the Renewable Energy Sector.

Solar Energy in Gujarat

Solar Energy in Gujarat

Gujarat is on the path to become the largest solar energy producer in India owing to its policies and their swift implementation. A number of nodal agencies are set up which in collaboration with many private companies have been harnessing solar energy to the fullest. Recently, a 5 MW Solar Photo Voltaic roof top scheme has been launched in some of the major cities of Gujarat named Gandhinagar, Vadodara, Mehsana, Surat, Bhavnagar and Rajkot and Bhavnagar.

Solar Park Gujarat

The project is aimed towards making India a solar hub in the world. The nodal agency which has been entrusted with the responsibility of development of the solar park in Gujarat is Gujarat Power Corporation Limited. In order to mitigate the adverse impact of pollution associated with power generation and to conserve the non-renewable energy for future generation, the government of Gujarat has taken proactive steps to harness the solar energy and establishment of solar parks in Gujarat as a part of the initiative. 224 MW solar projects from 20 developers have already been approved. The solar park will also account for the massive carbon emission reduction in the tune of 3 lakh 42 thousand tons. The park has been developed at a cost of 4500 crores and aims to make India the Pioneer in solar energy generation. This park also boasts of wind energy production of 2 MW.

Quick Facts

  • 590 MW capacity solar park established in Village Charanka
  • Aim of 274 MW of electricity in 2015 which is 25% of total solar energy production in India
  • Provides employment to more than 1000 people

Canal Solar Power Project

The canal solar power project is first of its kinds in India and aims to utilise the 19,000 kilometre long stretch of the canals of Narmada for installing solar panels which will generate substantial amount of electricity, thereby, reducing the load on non-renewable source of energy. Sun Edison India has commissioned the project in the Mehsana district of Gujarat. The Pilot project was inaugurated in 2012 which would produce 1 MW of electricity. The Pilot project will not only generate clean power but also minimise the requirement of acquiring vast stretches of land for the purpose. Another advantage of the project is that it will prevent 9 million water from being evaporated from the canal. The project has been developed by the collective effort of the Gujarat State Electricity Corporation and Sardar Sarovar Narmada Nigam Limited. 11000 acres of precious land can be saved if the long stretch of canal is utilised in a proper way. The Prime Minister has said that if even 10% of the total span of the canal is used, we would be able to produce 24000 MW of clean energy every year.

Wind Energy in Gujarat

Wind Energy in Gujarat

GEDA, Gujarat Energy Development Agency is also working towards tapping wind energy to produce clean power with an aim to reduce the burden on the conventional source of energy like coal. Gujarat has an impressive wind potential which can be mapped and can be used for irrigation purposes if mapped and correlated with the cropping pattern in the state. GEDA is managing the wind energy in Gujarat and oversees the windmill design, research and development. The wind energy projects comprise setting up of wind turbines and wind farms for wind power generation. The privatisation of wind energy generation is also encouraged in Gujarat.

Bio-Gas Energy in Gujarat

With rapid urbanisation, waste material management has become very important as relying solely on conventional sources of energy will soon deplete the fuel reserve. GEDA has, therefore, come up with various schemes and projects like:
  • Biomass gasification
  • Biomass combustion for power generation
  • Institutional biogas plant program for cooking and captive power generation.
  • Waste to energy conversion programmes

Important Contacts

Gujarat Energy Development Agency
4th floor, Block No. 11 & 12
Udyog Bhavan Sector -11 Gandhinagar-382017,
Gujarat, India Phone: +91-079-23257251, 23257252, 23257253, 23257254
Fax: +91-079-23257255, 23247097
Director, GEDA: director@geda.org.in

Banks in Gujarat

Banks in Gujarat

Gujarat is, undoubtedly, one of the most developed state of India. The commerce in Gujarat is always booming. Gujarat has also had the highest number of NRIs who have resided out of India. All these reasons make it quite natural that the state has most of the national, private and international banks to cater to all kinds of people in the state. People here are very particular about saving and investment which is the cause of flourishing trade and commerce. The people-centric policies of Gujarat Government have ensured that people have employment and basic amenities of life. Due to all the aforesaid reasons, Gujarat is home to many banks - private, public, international and co-operative.
List of government banks in Gujarat:
  • State Bank of India
  • State Bank of Bikaner and Jaipur
  • Allahabad Bank
  • Bank of Baroda
  • Indian Bank
  • Bank of India
  • Syndicate Bank
  • Dena Bank
  • Punjab National Bank
  • Punjab and Sindh Bank
  • Union Bank of India
  • Indian Overseas Bank
  • UCO bank
  • Andhra Bank
  • Canara Bank
  • Central Bank of India

Private Banks in Gujarat

  • Axis Bank
  • HDFC Bank
  • ICICI bank
  • IDBI bank
  • Yes Bank
  • Kotak Mahindra Bank
  • ING Vysya Bank
  • IndusInd Bank

Co-operative Banks in Gujarat

  • Pragati Sahkari Bank Limited
  • The Makarpura Industrial Estate Co-operative Bank
  • Nutan Nagrik Sahkari Bank

International Banks in Gujarat

  • Citi Bank
  • ABN Amro Bank
  • DBS Bank
  • HSBC bank
  • Standard Chartered Bank

Postal Services in Gujarat

Postal services in Gujarat, like all other states in India, are provided by India Post. The postal services in Gujarat for better efficiency has been divided into 25 divisions which is headed by divisional head. The 25 postal divisions in Gujarat circle are:

Ahmedabad GPO

Divisional Head: 79-25510027
Customer Care: 07925509995

Ahmedabad City
Divisional Head: 079-27541714
Customer Care: 079-27540980

Divisional Head: 079-23260180
Customer Care: 079-23260217

Divisional Head: 02762-223709
Customer Care: 02762-223366

Divisional Head: 02772-242450
Customer Care: 02772-248246

Divisional Head: 02742-254095
Customer Dare: 02742-253717

Divisional Head: 02766-230147
Customer Care: 02766-230837

Vadodara East
Divisional Head: 0265-243101
Customer Care: 0265-

Vadodara West
Divisional Head: 0265-27806800
Customer care: 265-279357

Divisional Head: 02642-2403030
Customer Care: 2642-243030

Divisional Head: 0261-2463608
Customer Care: 0261-2463619

Divisional Head: 02622-220562
Customer Care: 02622-230031

Divisional Head: 02637-2587780
Customer Care: 2637-

Divisional Head: 0268-2550561
Customer Care: 0268-254311

Divisional Head: 02692-240800
Customer Care: 02692-250181

Divisional Head: 02672-242792
Customer Care: 02672-250681

Divisional Head: 0281-2224530
Customer Care: 0281-2488298

Divisional Head: 02825-220961
Customer Care: 02825-240421

Divisional Head: 0285-2672750
Customer Care: 0285-2674550

Divisional Head: 0288-2550306
Customer Care: 0288-2540181

Divisional Head: 0278-2426312
Customer Care: 0278-2429440

Divisional Head: 0286-2215100
Customer Care: 0286-2215100

Divisional Head: 02792-222400
Customer Care: 02792-

Divisional Head: 02832-251253
Customer Care: 02832-220172

Divisional Head: 02752-223880
Customer Care: 02752-223774

Important Contacts

Chief Postmaster General,
Gujarat Circle, Nr. Pushpak Bldg., Khanpur, Ahmedabad – 380001
Assistant Director (PMI)
Phone: 25504946
Email: trivedi_1951@yahoo.com

Assistant Director (Mails)
Phone: 079-25505477
Email: adpsmails@gmail.com

Assistant Director (B&T)
Phone: 079-25504953
Email: adpsbt@gmail.com

Assistant Director (S&V)

Phone: 079-25504671
Email: adstaff@gmail.com

Assistant Director (PC)
Phone: 079-25504673
Email: adpcco@gmail.com

Assistant Postmaster General (BD & Tech.)
Phone: 079-25504953
Email: apmg.guj@gmail.com

Deputy Divisional Manager (PLI)
Phone: 079-22866806
Email: pligujarat@rediffmail.com

Some of the services offered by the India Post in Gujarat are Mutual Funds, Parcel Mail, Registered Post, International mail, Speed post, Business post, Logistics post, Money order, Postal life insurance, Valuable Payable post, Retail post, Insured Post, Express parcel post and much more. The Gujarat Postal Services also offers the feature of tracking the foreign assignments.

Gujarat also features with a host of private courier companies. These companies provide a diverse variety of services and facilities to the people living in Gujarat. Some of the most popular courier companies in Gujarat are Blue Dart express, First flight courier, DTDC courier and many more.

Telecom Services in Gujarat

Telecommunication services are primarily provided by Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited (BSNL) headquartered in Gandhinagar. BSNL has the responsibility of providing landline, WLL, leased line, broadband and various other features to the citizens. BSNL in Gujarat also provides pre-paid and post-paid mobile connection to the residents. The Gujarat telecom circle of BSNL came into existence in 2000; in the same year it took over the telecommunication services from the Department of Telecom services.

The Gujarat telecom circle governs most areas of Gujarat and offers services like Landline, EPABX, GSM, CDMA, WIMAX, CDMA Landline, Landline broadband, Mobile Broadband, Wi-Max broadband, Fibre Broadband, CDMA Broadband, Dial-up internet. There are host of enterprise services like enterprise broadband services, IDC services, Enterprise Data service, Managed Services and various others.

Various private telecommunication service providers are also active in the state, providing mobile prepaid and postpaid services which include Airtel, Aircel, Relaince, Vodafone, Idea and others.
Important contact numbers:
  • Dial 1504 for broadband related enquiries
  • Dial 1500 for enquiries related to bills and service complaint
  • Customer Care no. 18001801503

Gujarat Housing Board

Gujarat Housing BoardGujarat Housing Board was founded on 1st May 1960 as per the recommendation of Gujarat Housing Board Act, 1961, when the bifurcation of Bombay as well as Bombay Housing Board occurred and Saurashtra Housing Board was included in it. All the urban areas of Gujarat comprise both municipal corporations and municipal councils, specially notified areas of the state, areas under the urban development authorities of Ahmedabad, Rajkot, Vadodara, Surat, Jamnagar and Bhavnagar come under the jurisdiction of Gujarat Housing Board. As of now, Gujarat Housing Board has already constructed more than 17 thousand homes in the state.

GHB's mission and the objective since its inception has been to construct quality homes, especially for those who are the weaker and unprivileged. All the projects and the schemes of the Gujarat Housing Board have been massively successful because of the quality of construction and a mission to build not only building but homes.

The board is headed by the chairman who is accompanies by a secretary and other board members.

Achievements of the Board so far

  • Subsidised Industrial Housing Schemes- 23,364 homes
  • Homes for Economically Weaker Section (EWS) – 49,083 homes
  • Lower Income Group Housing Schemes (LIG) - 55,656 homes
  • Middle Income Group Housing Schemes (MIG) – 42,191 homes
  • Higher Income Group Housing Schemes (HIG) – 6,271 homes
  • Others -265 homes

Upcoming Projects of Gujarat Housing Board

There are upcoming and ongoing projects taken up by the Gujarat Housing Board in all the districts of the state. A total of 541.90 acres of land is already acquired by GHB for the projects in Gujarat. The major cities like Ahmedabad has 104 acres of land, Barodra has 43 acres, Jamnagar has 62 acres and Surat has 63 acres of land marked by GHB for developing housing projects. This indicates the slew of progressive measures taken up by the state government in the recent years.

Important Contact


Shri Vivek Patel, Gujarat Housing Board, Pragatinagar, Ahmedabad
Phone: 079-27471379; Fax: 079 – 27470477

Housing Commissioner
Mona Khandhar I.A.S (Housing Commissioner, GHB), Gujarat Housing Board, Pragatinagar, Ahmedabad
Phone: 079 - 27472530 Fax: 079 - 27470477

Officer on Special Duty Slum cell
Shri I. R. Mansuri
Phone: 079-27450091

Chief Engineer
Shri A. K. Patel
Phone: 079-27476192

Deputy Housing Commissioner
Shri I. R. Mansuri
Phone: 079-27472748

Superintending Engineer
Shri B. N. Patel
Phone: 079-27476742

Emergency Services in Gujarat

Gujarat in terms of providing emergency services is regarded as one of the best states in India. The emergency services basically comprise police, ambulance service, hospitals and fire and rescue services.

Police Service in Gujarat

Police in Gujarat

Gujarat Police is the law enforcing body in the state and ensure safety and security of its people. The Gujarat police department came into existence in 1960 when the Gujarat was separated from the Greater Bombay. Gujarat Police headquarters is in Gandhi Nagar. Gujarat Police like all other state police departments in India is headed by Director General of Police. For better administration, the state has been divided into 26 Police districts and 4 commissioner offices which are: Ahmedabad, Vadodra, Rajkot and Surat.

Furthermore, the Gujarat Police has been divided into six ranges which are Ahmedabad, Gandhinagar, Vadodara, Rajkot, Junagadh, Surat and Border Range.

There are also special task force under Gujarat Police which are: Crime branch, Anti-terrorist Squad and Intelligence wing.

Highlights and achievements of Gujarat Police

  • Was the first state police to crack the serial bombing case in 2007.
  • 467 police stations were modernised and equipped with laptop computers, xerox machines, Fax machines and various other gadgets.
  • Police stations were connected with internet.
Important Contacts
First Floor: Police Bhawan, Sector-18, Gandhinagar
Phone number - 079-23346330 / 23254344 Fax 079-23246329
E-mail: dgp-scr@gujarat.gov.in
DGP PC Thakur, IPS

Blood Banks in Gujarat

Blood bank is one of the most important emergency services in Gujarat as most cases of severe accidents leave the patients in dire need of blood that matches the group. Most of the government hospitals, NGOs, private hospitals and medical centres have dedicated blood banks. Some of the blood banks with contact numbers:
  • Amin Laboratory: 2432933
  • Citizen Blood Bank 2427640
  • Indu Blood bank 2437676
  • Jalaram Blood Bank at KG Children Hospital- 2438130
  • Surat Blood Bank- 2423835
  • Red Cross International 1919
  • Red Cross International-26643833, 26609625
  • Green Cross Blood Bank (24 Hrs.)- 27481057
  • Thalessemia Center 26578172
  • Sadvichar Parivar Kidney Hosp.-22880450
  • Karuna 26425294
  • Long Life- 26587736-37-38-39 Dr Jivraj Mehta Hospital 26639839-40
  • Navdeep Emergency Service- 27543333, 27544004

Ambulance Service in Gujarat

108 ambulance service is available in Gujarat and can be called in any kind of medical emergencies. 108 is a trusted ambulance service in currently many states of India including Gujarat. Any medical emergencies resulting from accidents, fire, natural calamities are attended very effectively by 108 Ambulance service. Apart from 108 ambulance services, 102 Ambulance service is also available in Gujarat, which can be availed easily. There are other health care service providers and hospitals, which extend Ambulance services to the people in the Emergency.

Important contacts for ambulance service:
  • Missiona Life India- 9825006000
  • Navdeep- 27543333, 27544004
  • Night- 26583040, 26582040
  • Karuna- 26425294
  • Sadvichar Parivar- 22880450, 22881468
  • Long Life- 26587736, 26587737, 26587738, 26587739
  • Dr. Jivraj Mehta Hospital- 26639839, 26639840

Hospitals in Gujarat

Gujarat has excellent medical facilities afforded by various private and public hospitals, multi-speciality and super-speciality medical centres. These hospitals are in excellent condition and equipped with state-of-the art facilities for the best treatment of the patients. Very complex surgeries have been performed at many of these hospitals and patients not only from India but all across the world come to the state for getting treated.

Some of the best known hospitals in Gujarat are:
  • Apollo Hospitals: 55701800, 55701801
  • Chandrabhan Hospital: 27451819
  • Gulabbhai Hospital: 2339055
  • Heart Foundation & Research Institute: 26575555
  • Dr. Jivraj Mehta Smarak Health Foundation: 26639839, 26639840
  • Jubilee Hospital 22141080
  • E.S.I.C. for chest: 22743935
  • E.S.I.C. (General): 22743935
  • Cancer Hospital 22881454, 22881455, 22881456
  • Civil Hospital: 22683721, 22683722
  • Civil Hospital (Kidney): 22881468
  • Govt. Dental College & Hospital: 22880631
  • L. G. Hospital (Maninagar): 22169980
  • Cancer Hospital: 22881451

Fire and Rescue Services in Gujarat

Fire and rescue services in Gujarat have state-of-the-art equipments to save the people in circumstances like fire and natural calamities. Fire and rescue services in Gujarat are under the respective municipal corporation of the districts. The fire fighting and rescue services have been made very strong after the unfortunate earthquake in Bhuj. A special disaster management department has been set up with highly trained personnel and modern equipments.

Important contacts

Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation
Shri M.F. Dastoor, Chief Fire Officer
Danapith Fire station, behind Municipal Corporation
Contact: 9327038754 Fax: 079-22148598 Fire control-079-22148466/67/68 E-Mail: mfdastoor@gmail.com

Surat Municipal Corporation
Shri Mr. Pankaj M. Patel, Chief Fire Officer
Contact: Moglisara fire station, near. Municipal corporation,
Surat-395003. Contact: 9724345234 Fax: 0261-2451935
Fire control number -0261-2414136/96-09724346022
E-Mail: pankajmpatel.cfosmc@gmail.com

Vadodara Municipal Corporation
Shri Mr. Hitesh J. Taparia, Chief Fire Officer
Contact: Dandiya Bazar Fire Station, Near Sursagar Lake,
Phone: 9879615020 Fax: 2420881
Fire control-0265-2413754/2413753/2413635 M-9978958591/92

Memnagar Fire Station: 101 or 27417203
Sabarmati Fire Station: 101 or 27506795
Odhav Fire Station: 101 or 22875434

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