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Tourism in Gujarat


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Tourism in Gujarat

Gujarat is a state with mixed and varied culture. Also known as the “Jewel of West” Gujarat is famous for its legends and lions. You will really miss an exciting and colourful state if you do not spend some time in Gujarat. Tourism in Gujarat is an important part. There are many tourist attractions in Gujarat. Our article makes a detailed description about all the tourist spots that might attract you during your stay in Gujarat.

Tourism in Gujarat

Top Cities to Visit in Gujarat

When you visit Gujarat you will be enthralled by the beauty of this place. Gujarat is dominated by different beautiful places which will definitely attract you. Since there are many tourist attractions it will be difficult to pick a particular spot. Hence our article will help you to select places which you must visit when you are in Gujarat. This section of the article contains all the important destinations which you should not miss at any cost.


Located in the heart of Gujarat, Ahmedabad is one of the famous metropolitan cities. This district is rich in culture as well as traditions. Some of the top institutes and industries of India are located in Ahmedabad. Another big reason that makes this city all the more popular is the strong connection of this city with the legend Mahatma Gandhi. Once you visit Gujarat you must take a tour of this city. The tourism in Ahmedabad is fantastic. There are several tourist spots in Ahmedabad that attracts tourists from all over the world. Let us find the hot spots in Ahmedabad that you should not miss at any cost.


Sabarmati Ashram

This place is one of the most visited and famous places in Ahmedabad. The main reason behind this place to be so popular is this is the abode of the historical legend and the Father of the Nation Mahatma Gandhi. Whenever you visit Ahmedabad you must take a tour of Gandhiji’s residence.

Sabarmati Riverfront

Located in the banks of River Sabarmati; this place is a good place for your evening stroll. If you are planning to enjoy your vacations in the banks of a river then this is your ideal stop. A beautiful garden is attached to this place which makes it all the more pleasant.

Iskcon Temple

Located in the midst of Ahmedabad, Iskcon Temple is one of the most famous temples. Tourists call this place “World’s Best Temple”. There is a different kind of peace in this temple. Whenever you pay a visit to this place you will feel a positive vibe all around. Visitors seek blessings from the priests of this temple once you visit Ahmedabad then visiting this place is a very good option for you.

Short Tours in Ahmedabad

When you are visiting Ahmedabad for a very short span of time then you must read this part of the article. This section gives you a detailed description on how and where to spend time in Ahmedabad. There are different tour guides available for a one day trip. Places you can cover in just a day are mentioned here.

Short Tours in AhmedabadHathee Singh Temple is one of the best Jain temples located in Ahmedabad.

The architecture of this place is amazing and the magnificent view produced by this temple makes it popular.

You can visit Dada Hari Ni Vav during your short span in Ahmedabad.

This place is mainly famous for its architecture.

Amdavad Ni Gufa is also an important tourist spot. This is a house of paintings. This place is a collection of M.F Hussains famous paintings. You can enjoy a visit to these places when you have less time in your hand for Ahmedabad trip.

Travel Agents in Ahmedabad

When you are visiting a place then you must know about the travel agents available in that area. There are many travel agents available in Ahmedabad. Keeping a note on the presence of these travel agents can surely be beneficial during your stay in the city.

Paradise Holidays
This travel agent solely operates in Ahmedabad. They have their main office in Vastrapur in Ahmedabad. You can contact this travel agent during your visit to Ahmedabad and they can make a detailed plan about your traveling.

Big Way The Travel Junction
Located in Prahladanagar in Ahmedabad this travel agent is another popular travel agent company. You can get your entire tour planned by them by paying just a minimum amount. Your bookings and other travel based issues will be taken care of by this company and you will enjoy a hassle free travel.

Masoom Travels
This is another travel agency located in Sarkhej Roza in Ahmedabad. This company offer different travel guides for you. You can also visit their website or call them before you reach Ahmedabad and get your travel plans fixed.


Places to Visit in GujaratThis is another important city of Gujarat located in the Runn of Kutch. The association of this city with Lord Krishna makes this place an important religious destination. People from all over the world visits this place. Pay a visit to Jamnagar in order to know about this place in details. There are many tourist attractions in Jamnagar. Let us see the important tourist attractions of Jamnagar.

Darbargadh Palace

This is one of the popular tourist destinations in Jamnagar. The rich historical background behind this Palace makes it all the more famous. This Palace belongs to Jam Saheb, the founder of Jamnagar. This architecture of this royal Palace is really good. The beautiful combination of European and Rajput designs throughout the Palace makes it look more gorgeous. Although the natural calamity destroyed some parts of the Palace yet in the present day this palace stands as a typical example of a tourist spot.

Marine National Park

This is another famous tourist attraction in Jamnagar. When you visit Jamnagar then paying a visit to this national park will make your trip to Jamnagar complete. You can see some of the rare species in this park. If you are lucky enough then you can see dolphins in this park. Apart from different marine water creatures this park is a center for different birds throughout the year.

Lakhota FortLakhota Fort

The main attraction of this fort is its location. This fort is located in the middle of Lakhota Lake and is believed to be the abode of Maharaja of Nawanagar.

The architecture along with the location makes its hot spot for tourists. In the present age this Fort is attached to a museum.

Different sculptures of 19th century are preserved in this museum.

Short Tours in Jamnagar

A day tour in Jamnagar will be a great option during your visit to Gujarat. Some of the important and interesting places you can cover during a one day trip in Jamnagar are mentioned. You can start your day with visiting the city lake where you can find nearly 70 varieties of birds. This is a famous tourist hub in Jamnagar. You can also visit the Islands that contain octopus and different corals. Visiting a hill top temple is also a great way to spend your time. In Jamnagar you will get many temples that are located in different hill tops. Forests with wide varieties of animals can also be visited. These are some of the places you can visit during a short trip to Jamnagar.

Travel Agents in Jamnagar

Keep a note of the travel agents present in Jamnagar. These travel agents will help you plan your trip accordingly. They will plan your entire trip in Jamnagar and you do not have to worry about anything. Different travel agents present in Jamnagar are mentioned.

Sunrise Holidays
This travel agent is located in Pandit Nehru Marg in Jamnagar. Once you contact this travel agent they will plan everything for you including your stay and other details of the trip.

Shiv Tours & Travels
Another travel agent located in Khambhaliya road in Jamnagar. They provide different domestic tourist guides. Once you visit Jamnagar you can visit them for planning your entire trip.

Devi Travels
This travel agent is located in Palace Ground road in Jamnagar. When you visit them for getting your trip planned then you will find them organising each small thing related to your trip. They provide different taxi and car services for your benefit. Thus getting a proper trip planned will help you enjoy your vacation perfectly.


This famous city of Gujarat is rich in spirituality, culture, history and religion. If you want to see a perfect blend of all these in a city then you must visit Junagadh. This is the main reason behind Junagadh being a hot spot tourist destination. Some of the important places of interest in Junagadh are mentioned here.

Mahabat Maqbara

If you want to witness the amaizng blend of Islamic Architecture in a mausoleum in Gujarat then you must visit this magnificent mausoleum. The wonderful design of the place attracts many tourists throughout the world. This is also known as the center of attraction of Junagadh hence you should not miss a visit to this place.

UpperKot Fort

This famous fort located in Junagadh was built by Chandragupta Maurya. Inside the fort a tomb, mosque and some Buddhist caves are present inside the campus. The architecture of this place highly attracts people from all over the world.

Ashoka’s Rock Edicts

In this place, the 14 edicts of Emperor Ashoka is inscribed in the rocks. The inscription is done in both Pali and Sanskrit language. All the inscriptions of the edicts are mounted in a huge boulder that lies in Junagadh. When you visit Junagadh then you can definitely visit this place.

Short Tours in Junagadh

When you do not have much time in your hands for traveling in Junagadh then you must read this section. This portion of the article will tell you what are the interesting tourist hubs located in Junagadh. You can visit Damodar Kund which is considered as a sacred water tank. This is one of the most famous tourist destinations of the city. Ahmadpur Mandvi is another famous tourist attraction of the city. This beach is popular in entire Gujarat. The pleasant wind that blows near this beach will definitely refresh you.

Travel Agents in Junagadh

Some of the travel agents in Junagadh are mentioned in this part of the article. Keeping a track on these travel agents will help you spend some quality time in Junagadh. Once you visit these travel agents they will guide a planned trip for you and you do not need to bother yourself with that. Some of the travel agents are mentioned here.

Mahasagar Travel Limited
This travel agent is located in Jayshree Talkies road in Junagadh. If you visit them then they will organise your entire trip according to your requirements.

Jasani Tourism
The head office of this travel agent is located in Zanzarada road in Junagadh. This is also a popular travel agent of Junagadh. You can visit them for planning any trip that you need to plan.

Patel Tours & Travels
This is another popular travel agent. The head office is located near Jayshree cinema road in Junagadh. You can visit them any time for getting your Junagadh trip planned.


You might have heard about the beautiful handicrafts of Gujarat. These special handicrafts are the most interesting feature of Kutch. This land of Gujarat is the abode for handicraft items and traditional architecture. There are important tourist places located in this region. You must pay a visit to these tourist spots in order to enjoy your vacation in Kutch.

Nirona Village

This village is famous for the artisans present in this village. People who love to seek different experience will really enjoy a visit to this village. Nearly 50 families stay in  this village and you can pay their houses in order to see their works. Different hand made copper bells and many more are an important artisan example. You can visit this village and see the amazing handicrafts of this villagers. These villagers also take special classes where they train people in their art work.

The Great Rann of Kutch

If you love photography then this is your ideal stop in Gujarat. You must have heard about the famous Rann of Kutch hence visiting this place will be a great choice during your visit to Kutch. This is the most magnificent scenic spots in Gujarat. During the monsoons this place is flooded. You can experiment your hands in photography in this place.


This place is rich in historical background. In the early days this place was the place where one of the biggest civilizations survived. This is the place where Indus Valley Civilization was believed to have survived. In the present age some of the glorious items of that civilization is still preserved in this place. You can visit this place to witness all these.

Short Tours in Kutch

When you visit Kutch for a very short span of time then you must read this section. You must keep in mind some of the important tourist attractions in Kutch which you cannot miss at any cost. When you have only a day in your hand then you must visit these places. When you visit kutch then you must visit Northern Kutch. Banni Villages and White Rann are the two most famous hot spots for tourists. Bhujodi Village in Southern Kutch is also a famous  tourist hub. Spending some quality time in this part of Kutch is highly appreciated. Western Kutch is also a favorite tourist spot. These are some of the places you can cover within a day.

Travel Agents in Kutch

When you visit kutch and you need to know about the travel agents located in different parts of Kutch then you must see this section. Different travel agents that will help you plan your city tour are mentioned here.

HK Travels
The office of this travel agent is located in Chitrakut Circle in Kutch. They work seven days a week and help you organize your trip as per as your requirements.

Raman Tours & Travels
This travel agent has their office located in Nakhatrana in Kutch. Nakhatrana in Kutch. You can visit these travel agent office before visiting Kutch so that they can plan your entire trip beforehand.

Swaminarayan Travels
This travel agent’s office is located in Kumbharadi in Kutch. They will make sure that you enjoy a hassel free tour since they will be organising the entire trip accordingly.

North Gujarat

This part of Gujarat provides home to several historical monuments and forts and has a  strong connection with the golden period. Different monuments and buildings related to the golden period are seen in this part of Gujarat. This makes North Gujarat a famous tourist spot. There are different major tourist attractions located in this part of Gujarat. Some of the famous hubs for tourists are mentioned here.


This is the most popular tourist hub of North Gujarat. The most exciting structure of  this place is Rani ki Vav which can be viewed from the outskirts. The presence of different pillars and structures present in this place makes it a popular hub for tourists.


Discovered by the Jadeja Rajputs in 16th century this city is currently famous for manufacturing vehicles. This is also one of the most popular industrial areas of Gujarat. There are several important tourist attractions in Rajkot and some of them are mentioned underneath.

Rotary Dolls Museum

This famous museum is located in Rajkot. This innovative museum located in Rajkot is a famous attraction for tourists. The vast culture and tradition of Gujarat is explained in this museum in the medium of some dolls. The dolls present in this museum mark the tradition of this state. The dolls preserved in this museum are collected from all over the world. Both young and adults will enjoy a visit to this place.

Jubilee Garden

This garden is a place where you can relax a bit. When you get tired after a day long trip you can visit Jubilee Garden in order to get refreshed. In this garden different plays and functions are arranged and you can witness them. There is a museum attached to this place which can also be visited by you.

Funworld Rajkot

This is one of the famous amusement parks located in Rajkot. There are different rides in this park which serves as an entertaining mode for both young and adults. This place is also known as “kids paradise” since kids really have a good time enjoying themselves in this park.

Short Tours in Rajkot

There are different places in Rajkot which you should visit even if you do not have much time in your hands for Rajkot. Some of the places in Rajkot which you should not miss at all are mentioned. Aaji Dam which was built during the colonial rule is a famous tourist destination for tourists. Rashtriya Shala is also another famous tourist spot. This place is strongly connected with Mahatma Gandhi.

Travel Agents in Rajkot

Different travel Agent offices are present in Rajkot. This travel agent provides special services in order to help their clients. They provide with different travel plans that will help you select according to your travel requirements.

Mayank Tours & Travels
This travel agent is located in Kishanpara in Rajkot. They provide their clients with different discounts on various tour packages which attracts more clients towards them. This is a great way to deal with clients and attract more and more customers.

Satya Sai Tours & Travels
This travel agent is located in Rajkot Raiya road. This is also a popular travel agent in Rajkot. Tourists can contact this travel agent via their website and make prior bookings before they reach any place.


Surat in Gujarat

Another important place in Gujarat with respect to industries is Surat.

It has always attracted merchants and traders from all parts. Apart from industries this place is rich in historical monuments and tombs.

There are many famous mosques located in this place. Some of the famous tourist hubs of Surat are mentioned here.

When you visit Surat then you must keep in your mind about these tourist spots.

Ubharat Beach

Another interesting and famous beach of Gujarat is located in Surat and is names as Ubharat Beach. If you love going to beach then you must visit this place in Surat. The scenic beauty of this place will definitely attract you. Photography fanatics will love this place.

Sarthana National Park

National Parks located in any part of the world attracts tourists no matter what. No doubt about it that a visit to Sarthana National Park in Surat will be thoroughly enjoyed by you.  You can enjoy an entire day inside this park with your family. This is a perfect picnic spot in Surat. You can get to see several different animals and birds inside this park.

Siddhi Viniek Mandir

This temple is located in a peaceful ambiance and you will get a positive feeling as soon as you enter the campus of the temple. This is one of the most popular destinations for pilgrims in Surat.

Short Tours in Surat

When you visit Surat for short span of time then you must visit some of the mentioned places. You can completely explore these places within a day. The main aim of this section is even if you have less time with you for traveling in Surat you must not miss these places at any cost. You can start your day by visiting the famous Dutch Cemetery of Surat in the morning. Several Dutch businessmen are buried in that cemetery. You can visit Mughalsarai next. This is a resting place which was beautifully designed during the era of Shah Jahan. Chintamani Jain Temple can be your next stop. This is an example of a typical Jain temple with paintings and carvings. Then you can visit Zampa Bazaar. You will get all the famous dishes of Surat in this place. Rasawal Khaman is the most popular dish of this place.

Travel Agents in Surat

Different travel agents of Surat that can help you in planning your trip properly are mentioned in this part of the article.

Ace Tours
Located in Ghod Dod road in Surat Ace Tours is a famous travel agent. You can visit them if you need to plan your trip. They will make a perfect planned trip for you and all your booking will be done by them.

Arise Tours & Travels
This travel agent’s office is located in Nanpura in Surat. They offer different planned tour packages that you can choose from. They have different tour packages for different clients and this suits the budget of the client.


This is one of the largest cities of Gujarat. This city is also known as the cultural capital of Gujarat. Rich in religious places, Vadodara is famous for its Jain shrines and temples. There are many tourist spots in Vadodara which needs a special mention in this part of the article.

Laxmi Vilas Palace

It is a must watch for people who visit Vadodara. This place is the result of an amazing blend of artistic skills with history. The ancient architectural designs are the most talked about topic about this palace. Tourists get attracted to this place for mainly the beautiful design work.

Maharaja Fateh Singh Museum

This museum is located in Vadodara and is considered to be one of the most famous museums of this city. You must visit this place in order to witness the most amazing museum of Vadodara. Bronze sculptures and statues are an important part of this museum. This makes it all the more attractive for tourists.

Short Tours in Vadodara

Some of the places in Vadodara that you should not miss due to lack of time are mentioned here. You must visit these places in order to witness the true essence of this city. Some important interesting tourist hubs of Vadodara are Baroda Museum, Tapovan Temple, Tambekar Wada and many more. You can complete visiting these places within just a day.

Travel Agents in Vadodara

Some of the travel agents of Vadodara are mentioned here.

Transline Tours & Travels
Located in Alkapuri in Vadodara Transline Tours & Travels are a famous travel agent in Vadodara.

World Travel Hub
This is also another famous travel agent located in Vadodara. You can get different travel suggestions from this travel agent which can be of great use.

Gandhi Tours & Travels
Located in Babajipura in Vadodara Gandhi Tours & Travels is also a popular travel agent. You can get your trips planned very easily from this place.

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Religious Spots in Gujarat

When you visit Gujarat then you will get to see different religious spots. Gujarat is rich in traditional values and culture. There are different temples, mosques and gurdwaras in Gujarat. These places are beautifully decorated and hence are amazing tourist destinations.

Temples in Gujarat

There are many temples in Gujarat. Some of them are Akshardham, Ambaji, Sun Temple, Somnath Temple and Dakor.

Mosques in Gujarat

Mosques in Gujarat

Apart from temples Gujarat has huge number of mosques. These mosques are highly attractive and hence serve as a tourist destination. There are many mosques in Gujarat like the Ahmed Shah’s Mosque, Bawaman Mosque, Dastur Khan’s Mosque, Haibat Khan’s Mosque and Jama Masjid.

Gurdwaras in Gujarat

Gujarat is a place of mixed culture and religion. If you want to visit the religious places in Gujarat then you will see that there are different religious places in Gujarat. Apart from temples and mosques you will also get to see many Gurdwaras in Gujarat. Some of are Gurdwara Lakhpat Sahib, Gurdwara Charan Paduka and Gurdwara Nanakwadi Sahib.

Churches in Gujarat

A few of the prominent churches in Gujarat are C N I Church, St James Church, Century Methodist Church and Church of North India.

Historical Monuments in Gujarat

Gujarat is rich in its historical background. Once you visit Gujarat you will feel the strong connection of this place with Indian history. There are several forts and monuments located in Gujarat and each one associated with some history. Some of the important monuments are listed here which you help you during your visit to Gujarat.

Monuments in Gujarat

Bhadra Fort & Teen Darwaza

This is one of the beautiful and ancient forts situated in Ahmedabad. The name of the fort comes from Goddess Bhadra of Gujarat. The beautiful fort was built by Shah Alam in 15th century. This is one of the most attractive places of Gujarat that acts as a famous tourist hub.

Shaking Minarets

According to myths this fort was built to avoid earthquake. A European scholar noticed that these minarets are shaking and hence the name comes from there. The minarets are three storeys tall and beautiful designs are engraved in them. The interesting factor of these minarets are that when one starts shaking the other shakes too but surprisingly the connecting passages remains unaffected from these vibrations. You must pay a visit to this place when you visit Gujarat.

Tomb of Ahmed Shah

This famous tomb is situated near Jama Masjid in Ahmedabad. The magnificent structure of the tomb will definitely attract you. The cenotaphs of Ahmed Shah and his grandson is seen in this tomb. This square shaped tomb is one of the main attractions of Ahmedabad.

Aina Mahal

Aina Mahal a house full of mirrors is located in Bhuj. This beautiful house full of mirrors is a attractive tourist destination. This building is beautifully structured with mirrors and white marble. When you visit Gujarat then you must visit this famous place full of wonders.

Durbar Gadh

This famous tourist destination located in Bhuj is a cluster of buildings. It is believed that the royal family used to dwell inside this clusters. During the earthquake that took place in 2001 in Bhuj a major portion of this Durbar was destroyed. After few years some part was renovated and now it serves as one of the famous tourist spot of Gujarat.

Museums in Gujarat

Museums are a common sight in every metropolitan city. Almost every city has a museum in order to preserve the items related to the history of their culture. Museums are an interesting tourist attraction. Some of the famous museums are mentioned in this section which will make it easier for you to choose one when you visit Gujarat.

Museums in Gujarat

Calico Textile Museum

As the name suggests this famous museum of Ahmedabad deals with different textiles that are common in Gujarat. Cotton is the most common form of textile in Gujarat. In this museum you will get to see different cotton and silk textile items that are preserved since 17th century.

Sardar Patel Museum

This famous museum of Gujarat was built in order to honour the great freedom fighter Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel. This museum stores all the items used by this famous freedom fighter. When you visit this place you will actually see the amount of struggle and patience our freedom fighters have gone through during independence. A visit to this museum will take you back to those days.

Kite Museum

Gujarat is a colourful state with different cultures and traditions. Kite Museum is a famous museum in Gujarat which preserves different varieties of kites. This museum is a house for different types of kites. You can get the true essence of Gujarat once you visit this place since you will see different colours merged in a single place.

Vadodara Museum

This is one of the famous art galleries of Gujarat. Different types of Mughal miniatures and European paintings are preserved in this museum. Buddhist and Jain manuscripts are also stored in this place. You will get a different feeling when you enter this museum.

The Ethnology Museum

This museum of Bhuj contains five different sections. These five different sections deal with different arts and culture. Rare works of literature can be found in the ethnological section. Wooden items and different handicrafts, paintings, instruments and other items are also available in different sections of the museum. This museum will definitely serve your interest.

Wildlife Sanctuaries in Gujarat

Gujarat is a state with different attractive tourist destinations. Among them wildlife sanctuaries cover a huge part of tourist attractions. Some of the popular wildlife sanctuaries that serve as huge tourist destinations are mentioned in this part of the article.

Wildlife Sanctuaries in Gujarat

Gir Forest National Park & Wildlife Sanctuary

This is one of the largest wildlife sanctuaries in India. Located in the heart of Gujarat, Gir National Park and Wildlife Sanctuary was established in the year 1965. The centre of attraction of this place is the Asiatic Lions. Other interesting species that you can observe during your visit to this place are leopards, jackals, desert cats, bears, jungle cats, Indian mongoose and many more.  The entire area of this national park is 1412 sq km. The flora and fauna of this area mainly attracts tourists.

Indian Wild Ass Sanctuary

This sanctuary located in Runn of Kutch in Gujarat is yet another popular wildlife sanctuary of Gujarat. This national park was established under the Wildlife Protection Act in 1972. Nearly 100 species of invertebrates are found here. The major attraction of this sanctuary is the amazing collection of wildlife species.

Barda Wildlife Sanctuary

The Barda Wildlife Sanctuary of Gujarat is located in the west of Gir National Park and was established in the year 1979. This place is rich in different flora and fauna that makes it special from other wildlife sanctuaries. The major species that can be found in this sanctuary is Leopard, Blue Bull, Hyena and Wild Boar.

Gaga Wildlife Sanctuary

This wildlife sanctuary is rich in flora and fauna and hence is a protected area. Located in the Jamnagar district of Gujarat this park came into existence since 1988. The major attraction of this park is the flora. Different types of green shrubs, kerdo and saline scrub is available in this place.

Kutch Bustard Sanctuary

This is one of the largest among the bustard sanctuaries of Gujarat. Located in the Jakhau Village of Kutch district in Gujarat, this place is famous for the Great Indian Bustard bird that resides here. There are twenty three different species of Bustard in the world and among them the Great Indian Bustard is the rare one.

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Parks, Gardens & Picnic Spots in Gujarat

When you visit Gujarat for few days then you expect to visit some of the famous parks and gardens located in this state. This section of the article helps you to search for the most appropriate park that you must visit during your stay in Gujarat. Some picnic spots are also mentioned so that you can enjoy a family picnic in Gujarat.

Parimal Garden

Parks & Gardens in GujaratParimal Garden is located in Ahmedabad. This place is a perfect place for hanging out with your family and kids.

The swings and slides present inside this garden will interest your kid. This place is an ideal place for people who are in search of solitude.

The lush greenery and the colourful flowers surround the garden. Not only tourists but the locals residing near this garden make it a point to visit this place on a regular basis. You will definitely like this place. This place can be used as a picnic spot also.

Sayaji Baug

Sayaji Baug located in Vadodara is a good place for nature lovers. The different types of flora and fauna will make you stay connected to the nature. You will receive get a peaceful ambience inside this park. Since this place is rich in flora and fauna this park is treated as an educational place and children from local schools visit this place in order to learn about different varieties of species.

Victoria Park

If you are a nature lover and you want to spend some time in the lap of nature then this is the ideal place. You will get to see different types of birds when you visit this place. Different seasonal birds can be seen here. Located in Bhavnagar, Victoria Park is also a famous tourist hub.

Indroda Nature Park

This is also known as one of the largest dinosaur museum of the country. It is one of largest hatchery of dinosaur eggs. Located in Gandhinagar this park is also known as Dinosaur Fossil Park. A visit to this place will definitely remind you of Jurassic Park and you will find a close proximity of this place to Jurassic Park which you have only seen in movies.

Sarita Udhyan

This is a famous picnic spot located in Gandhinagar. When you visit Gujarat and you want to go out on a family picnic then this can be done the best places for you. The deer park and other amusement facilities attached to this park make it all the more popular as a picnic spot.

Hill Stations in Gujarat

Your vacation goes incomplete if you fail to visit any hill stations. That is a common thought which we often have. Hill stations interest people of all age group and finding one during your vacation is the best thing that can happen. Even during your visit to Gujarat you can expect to visit some of the famous hill stations of this state. Some of them are noted in this section.

Wilson HillsHill Stations in Gujarat

This hill station is located in Surat. The main attraction of this hill station is that you can get to see the sea from this hill station which is probably not possible from any other hill stations in the world.

There are several points which can be viewed from this hill station namely Marble Chatri Pt, Steep Valley Pt, Ozone Valley Pt, Sunrise Pt, Sunset Pt and Shankar Waterfalls.

You must take a toll of this place once you visit Gujarat.


Located in the Darg district of Gujarat this famous hill station is another popular hill station of Gujarat. The famous Saputara hill resort can be visited once you visit this hill station. The important sightseeing points that can be viewed from this hill station are Hatgod Fort, Artist Village, Purna Sanctuary and so on.

Girnar Hill

This place is a collection of mountains located in Ahmedabad. This mountain range is considered as a sacred place and pilgrims from all over the world pays a visit to this place. It is a common pilgrim site for Jains and Hindus. The Girnar Festival is one of the famous festivals that make this mountain range all the more popular among the pilgrims.

Things to Do in Gujarat

When you visit such a huge state like Gujarat then you often get confused about what to do and how to spend your time during your stay in Gujarat. This part of the article will make a list of all the things that you must try when you visit Gujarat.

Visiting the Gondal Palaces

A walk through this palace seems like you are going through a flashback time. You will see all vintage items like cars, polo and other items. A walk through the riverside will ensure that you do not miss the authentic royal paintings that hang nearby.

Shopping in Sindhi Market

This market of Gujarat is not only popular for the availability of different textiles but also for the lip smacking food. The famous dishes of Gujarat are available here.

Things to Do in Gujarat

You can try some of the famous foods here namely rabri, malai barfi, bheay pakora, bhugal mawa and.  You can also try for some heavier meal like the famous Sindhi Thali.


If you love to visit the past or have interests in history then this place will definitely attract you. A one hour drive from Ahmedabad will lead you to Lothal. Once you visit this place you will understand that you have actually travelled to the days of Indus Valley Civilization. The museum attached to place showcases some of the items of the civilization.


This is a famous sharbat joint located in Ahmedabad. During the scorching summers this 
Place serves as a bliss to the crowd. Different types of sharbat’s are available in this joint   which will be highly appreciated by you. The different flavours of sharbats available here are falsa sarbats, raat rani, khus, saffron, and rose.

Kankaria Lake

This is one of the most happening entertainment places in Gujarat. You can enjoy a family time in this area. Several fun activities like a ride in the hot air balloon and gaming zones makes this area all the more attractive for tourists.

Accommodation in Gujarat

An important factor that you need to keep in mind while you visit Gujarat is the accommodation. Our article contains the details of some of the hotels and resorts which will serve this purpose and you can enjoy a trip without ay trouble.

Accommodation in Gujarat

Krios Hotel

Located near Devang Park in Ahmedabad Krios Hotel is one of the most popular hotels that 
Apart from luxurious rooms you will get all other facilities in this hotel. The food is also good since there is a restaurant attached to this hotel. Travelling to any part of Gujarat from this hotel is easier.

The Grand Bhagwati

This beautiful hotel ideal for tourists is located in Surat. The rooms and other facilities of this hotel make it popular among the tourists. You will have a nice and a comfortable time during your stay in this hotel.

Gateway Hotel

Located in Akota Gardens Vadodara this is a renowned hotel in Vadodara. You can expect a comfortable stay in this hotel during your visit to Vadodara. On demand this hotel provides car services so that you can travel from one part of to the other.

The Imperial Palace

This hotel is located in Rajkot, Gujarat and this renowned hotel has facilities like swimming pool, gym and a separate kid’s zone. The rates are affordable and you can enjoy your stay in this beautiful hotel located in the heart of Rajkot.

Hotel Fortune Palace

Hotel Fortune PalaceThis hotel is located in Jamnagar district of Gujarat and is one of the best hotels of the place.

You will really enjoy the amazing view of the entire place from the hotel rooms.

The perfect combination of comfortless with a soothing atmosphere is all that defines this place.

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Best Time to Visit Gujarat

You can visit Gujarat any time of the year but it is highly advisable that you avoid the monsoon season. During the monsoons Gujarat is not at its best and you will miss many places since they are closed in monsoon. During summers temperature vary from 29 to 41 degree Celsius. If you are planning to visit Gujarat during summers then you must visit during the early months of summer so that you avoid the scorching heat of sun. In winter season the temperature varies from 12 to 29 degree Celsius.

How to Reach Gujarat

Fact File of Gujarat

Best Time to Visit:
October to December
Languages Spoken: Gujrati and Hindi
Other Languages: Marwari and Marathi
Currency: Rupees
State Animal: Lion
State Bird: Greater Flamingo
State Tree: Mango
State Flower: Marigold
Tourism Website: Click Here
Gujarat is easily connected via road, rail and air to different other places. You can take any one of the means in order to travel to Gujarat from your location.

By Air
There are total eleven airports in entire Gujarat with the major airport being located in Ahmedabad. There are many flights from different parts of the world that travels to Gujarat each day.

By Train
There are many trains from different parts of other cities that travel to Gujarat. It makes it easier for people to choose a train since there are many trains nowadays. There are some super fast trains which travel faster than normal trains and you can reach Gujarat earlier.

By Road
Some of the best highways are a part of Gujarat and hence travelling to Gujarat via these roads can be a nice option. People who like to drive can have a nice journey when they decide to drive all the way to Gujarat.

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