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Food in Gujarat


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Food in Gujarat

Gujarat is a legendary place with vibrant culture, exotic lifestyle, and of course, mouthwatering food. Food is the main highlight of Gujarat tourism. Traveling to this destination is incomplete unless you taste every flavor of cuisines cooked in Gujarat. Surprisingly, despite its long coast line, food in this state constitutes mainly of vegan dishes. Call it the impact of its history or the stronghold of Hinduism in this region! However, non vegan food is also popular among few Gujaratis.

Food Options of Gujarat

Gujarati Thali

There are lots of cuisines, dishes, chaats, fast food options that showcase the variety of food in Gujarat, but the Gujarati thali is the most popular option when it comes to dining. Not only in Gujarat, but this cuisine is renowned in almost every state of India due to its distinct taste and lucrative composition of food items. However, you may find some difference while traveling city to city. Kathiawad, Surti Gujarat, and Kutch have their traditional influence in this wholesome food. Areas of South Gujarat have more influence of Maharashtrian food culture due to its proximity to Maharashtra. However, in North Gujarat and Saurashtra regions have more inclination towards maize and bajri.

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What Makes a Gujarati Thali?

Gujarati Thali is quite balanced in terms of taste, health, and flavors. They compose of ginger, green chillies and garlic as main ingredients in every preparation. Spices used extensively include tamarind, turmeric, cardamom, coriander, garam masala, black pepper, cumin, saffron, mint, fenugreek, asafoetida, cloves, and curry leaves. The typical sweet taste in dishes is added by the jaggery which has lots of goodness for health as well. The constituents of this thali change according to the combinations. Like Kadhi is served with moong daal or chutti daal, doodhpaak, and shrikhand but yogurt based dishes are avoided as such. Thali based on daal will be accompanied with wheat based desserts.

Typical food of Gujarat

Rotli (roti), rice, kadhi, dal, shaak, and sweet desserts are the main inclusions of Gujarati Thali. Along with these, there are supplements like pickles, chutneys, and salad. Gujarati Thali is usually served in large silver or steel platters.

Breads in Gujarat

Gujarati cuisine boasts of variety in breads as well. From simple to spicy, you can find lots of tastes in bread types that include:

Variety of Breads in Gujarat

Types of Breads in Gujarat
Thepla: It is a type of bread cooked with varied flours mixed with spices and veggies
Bajre ki Roti: Flat bread made from millet flour
Bhakri: Whole wheat flour bread
Puran Poli: This is sweet bread made from whole wheat and stuffed with sweet moong dal
Puri: Deep fried whole wheat bread
Makai ki Roti: Flat bread made from thick corn flour

Desserts in Gujarat

Gujarati people are said to have the sweet tooth. You can witness it in bevy of dessert items served in their cuisine. They have rich flavors accentuated by nuts, dried fruits, and milk. The main desserts include:

Doodh Paak
Son Papdi
Dudhi no Halwo
Gajar Halwa
Gulab Jamun
Kopra Paak

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Vegetables Served in Gujarat

The variety of vegetables in Gujarat is delectable and healthy. People pick vegetables according to the season and region. Interestingly, they prepare absolutely delicious shaak or subzi from these fresh vegetables. Most of their dishes include stuffed vegetables and spicy curries. Main vegetables used in Gujarat are potato, bitter melon, dry okra, capsicum, bottle gourd, peas, French bean, cluster beans, green bean, dry cabbage, ridge gourd, eggplant, pointed gourd, ivy gourd, and tomatoes.

Oondhiyo or Undhiyo:
This is a nutritious mixed vegetable casserole. It is cooked in earthen pots placed underground with fire above them. Main veggies used for this dish are potato, green beans, brinjal, muthia, purple yam, and unripe banana. Rich spices are used for this preparation. Its popular variant is called Surati Undhiyo. This is a delicious dish cooked with red lentils, palm sugar, and grated coconut.

Staple Food of Gujarat

Like diversity of culture in India, diversity of staple food is seen in Gujarat. As the season progresses during a year, the priority and food ingredients also changes. Components of daily food change according to availability of seasonal vegetable, fruits, and grains. Dal-Bhaat and Rotli Shaak are the main verdict of daily meal. Gujarati culture is sweet which you find in its food as well.

Staple Food of Gujarat

Khichdi is one of the most favorite foods for common people in Gujarat . This is considered as healthy and light for summer season. As one of the most popular dishes in Gujarat, khichdi is found in daily platter for most of Gujarati families. It is cooked with soaked lentil, rice, and light spices. It is always topped with lots of ghee and eaten with pickle and yogurt.

Without sugar, lemon, tomato and onion salad, food is incomplete in Gujarat. Mango juice (sweet) and green mango juice (sour) becomes the component of daily diet in summer season.

Snacks in GujaratSpecial Snacks of Gujarat

Snacks or Nahsto or Nashto forms an essential part of daily diet in Gujarat. They are usually the fried stuffs that can be stored for long time.

Most of these snacks are prepared from gram flour. They taste best with evening tea. It includes tasty and crunchy fafda, chakri, ghanthia, sev papdi, khakhra, sev mamra, muthia, chivda, etc.

Farsan in Gujarat

Farsan in GujaratFarsan or snacks of Gujarat are as famous as the cuisine of this state. They are also served as side dishes with main course. Apart from its sumptuous thali, Gujarati food offers you variety of other savories as well.

You can relish them with meals or for your mid day snack munching as well. The specialty dishes of Gujarati include:

Patra: This dish has taro leaves, properly coated with gram flour, rolled and stir fried or steamed. It is seasoned with mustard seeds and coconut.

Khandvi: It is mouthwatering roll made with gram flour mixed with yogurt. It is topped with mustard seeds and grated coconut.

Significance of Farsans in Gujarati FoodKhaman Dhokla: A steamed and salty cake made with rice flour or gram flour.

Deep fried fritters made from veggies coated with gram flour

Dahi Wada: Deep fried dumplings made from lentils. They are soaked in sweet yogurt and sprinkled with spices.

Kachori: Deep fried and stuffed dumpling made with flour, moong dal, and spicy flavors

Handvo: It is made with mixed beans, calabash, rice flour, and yogurt

Chaat: this is the most lip smacking dish with lots of spices, chutney, yogurt, et al poured over potato pieces.

Non Vegetarian Food in Gujarat

If you love non vegan food, you will not be disappointed in Gujarat. Although the state is known for its strictly Jain and vegan cuisines, but it still boasts of varied non vegan dishes. Bohras community of Muslim traders in Gujarat consumes non vegan food in the form of beef. There are pockets of state along the coastline where sea food is predominantly served. Kharwa community uses dried fish in most of their dishes. The most popular sea food made in Gujarat includes Khandwas, Surmai, Pomfrets, Gedadas, Lobster, Prawns, Calamari and many more.

Popular Restaurants in Gujarat

If you want to taste delectable multi cuisines, then these are the restaurants you must visit in Gujarat.

Barbeque Nation Restaurant in Ahmedabad

Barbeque Nation is one of the highlighted places of Ahmedabad. It draws people who love grilled vegan and non vegan cuisines. Though it is popular for non veggie food, vegetarians cannot feel out of the place. They must taste dal makhni, vegetable jalfrezi, and grilled vegetable in that premises. For non vegetarian foodies, it is paradise. Live grilled food is quite demanded in Barbeque Nation.
3 Shivalik, Near Mile Stone Complex
Drive In Road, Ahmedabad
Phone No: 9444455555

Curries Restaurant in Ahmedabad

Situated in the vicinity of IIM campus, it is one of the delightful places of hospitality in the city of Ahmedabad. Serving both vegan and non vegan dishes, Curries hosts wide range of tasty and spicy food. It is complete food joint that offers Indian cuisines, sizzlers, and variety of mocktails. It is best location to spend time with friends and family.
Near ATIRA, Ahmedabad

Awadh Puri Restaurant in Ahmedabad

One of the best ways to treat you in the city of Ahmedabad is by visiting Awadhpuri restaurant. It is superb place to have non vegetarian dishes of Punjabi and Indian cuisines. Mouthwatering Muglai food is lip smacking for customers. Due to such excellent quality and hygienic meat cuisines, it has become the prominent place for non vegan gourmet.
Pushpak Complex, Opposite Prahladnagar Garden
Phone No: 9099904752

Fiorella Italian Restaurant in Vadodara

Location of Fiorella Italian Restaurant

People who wish to taste authentic Italian food must visit Fiorella Italian Restaurant in Vadodara. The management is experienced enough to cater huge flow of customers, especially in weekends. It is located in the heart of city which enables easy access to this venue.
18, 19 Alkapuri Society, Opp C H Jewellers,
Near RBS Bank, Vadodara
Phone No: 0265- 3099000

Peshawri Restaurant in Vadodara

Peshawari Culinary is set up in the premises of Welcome Hotel in Vadodara. It is well planned restaurant in the city packed with exquisite interior. It is famous for delicious mughlai food. It is one of the award winning institutions from the group of ITC. Professional approach and mouth watering cuisines make them prominent runners in hospitality industry of Gujarat.
R C Dutt Road, Vadodara
Phone No: 0265- 2330033

Flavours Restaurant in Rajkot

Flavours restaurant is the nice place for dinner and breakfast. It is located in the region of Yagnik Road in Rajkot. It is crafted with exotic interior and luxurious comfort for visitors in the city. Delicious North Indian food, spicy Punjabi food, South Indian, and Gujarati foodstuffs are offered at this venue.
Dr. Yagnik Road,
Near Malaviya Petrol Pump, Rajkot
Phone No: 0281- 2480008

Chappan Bhog Multi Cuisine Restaurant in Dwarka

One of the apex places to dine in the region of Dwarka is Chappan Bhog. It is eco-friendly restaurant that applies unique techniques in kitchen. They use only self cultivated and in home vegetables and spices. And there is no use of any toxic material and plastic products. Food and its quality found at this restaurant are exceptional.
Goverdhan Green Resort, PO Baradia, Dwarka
Phone No: 9099079080

Indian and Gujarati Restaurants in Gujarat

For authentic Indian flavors and typical Gujarati food, there is no dearth of Indian restaurants in Gujarat. These restaurants serve delicious and varied platter from different parts of India. These restaurants include:

Agashiye Restaurant in Ahmedabad

Agashiye is talked more for ambiance than its food quality. Its unique and featured ambiance allures huge foot falls. Relaxed and comfortable seating adds to its hospitality. Typical Gujarati food and traditional Indian cuisines are mostly demanded by visitors in Agashiye.
The House of MG, Opp. Sidi Saiyad Jali,
Lal Darwaja, Ahmedabad
Phone No.: 079 2550 6946

Vishala in Ahmedabad

Vishala Restaurant in Ahmedabad

It is tourist attraction cum village style food joint. Vishala in Ahmedabad offers serene location of village. It is decorated in trendy Gujarati style. To make it more effective, complete village culture is displayed to illustrate rustic look of ambiance. Food is also typical Gujarati style that too served in unique fashion. It is the worth visit place in Ahmedabad to have excellent traditional food in customized cultural location.
30, Regal Estate, Opposite Kashiram Mill,
Ambawadi, Ahmedabad
Phone No: 079- 22761401

Gopi Dining Hall in Ahmedabad

Gopi Dining Hall is pure vegetarian restaurant engaged in serving since two decades. It preserves the traditional touch of Gujarati Thali in their featured premises with authentic Kathiawadi taste. Unlimited cuisines with thali are what people enjoy that too at fixed rate. Due to its gourmet delight it is highlighted in this list of top restaurant.
Ellisbridge, Ashram Road, Near Sheth Vadilal
Sarabhai Hospital, Ahmedabad

The House of MG in Ahmedabad

As its name, The House of MG is one of the distinguished places of dining in the region of Ahmedabad. The typical food served in traditional style is its highlight. The range of cuisines is quite extensive. Roof top ambiance and heritage hospitality is the feature attracting people to this location. Ethnic dishes like kesar jalebi and malpua are heart stealer.
Lal Darwaja,
Opp Sidi Saiyad jali, Ahmedabad
Phone No: 079- 25506946

Gordhan Thal in Ahmedabad

Restaurant in Ahmedabad

Gordhan Thal is worth to visit for typical Gujarati thali with premium quality in the premises of Ahmedabad. Food is prepared here with local spices which carries ethnic Gujarati taste. Due to such recognition, it remains over booked and regular foot fall is high at Gordhan Thal. Though, menu is fixed, there is no restriction on food. It is unlimited thali.
Sapath Complex, Ground Floor,
Opposite Rajpath Club
S G Highway, Satellite, Ahmedabad
Phone No: 079- 26878905

Mehfil Restaurant in Ahmedabad

Mehfil restaurant is one of the nice family restaurants situated in Paldi region in Ahmedabad. They serve quality Indian food, Chinese, and Continental dishes. Established from decades, it is good to visit for mouthwatering ethnic food of Gujarat as well as spicy Punjabi dishes.
Dharnidhar Road
Opp Jaydeep Tower, Paldi, Ahmedabad
Phone No: 079- 26613983

Zaafaroon Restaurant in Vadodara

Food Court of Zaafaroon Restaurant in Vadodara

f you love authentic Indian food then must try lunch at Zaafaroon. It serves authentic south Indian food prepared completely in original style and hygienic ambiance. People from all across the area in Vadodara come to Zaafaroon restaurant to taste typical south Indian varieties like Dosa, Medu vada, Idli, Uttapam, etc.
1, Shivalay Apts,
Near Old Padra Road, Haribakti Extn, Vadodara
Phone No: 9723469878

22nd Parallel Restaurant in Vadodara

While arriving in the city of Vadodara, you must visit 22nd Parallel restaurant for mouthwatering south Indian dishes. Ambiance of restaurant is simply soothing. South Indian dishes along with authentic Indian cuisines are prepared in 22nd Parallel with unmatched quality and taste. Lavish food at affordable rates makes it more alluring for tourists in Vadodara.
1st Floor, Tapan Complex,
Near Mcube Mall, Vadodara
Phone No: 0265- 2337733

Azure Restaurant in Vadodara

Restaurant in Vadodara

Azure Restaurant established in the region of Vadodara is one of the best locations to dine in city. It is placed in the premises of Hotel Surya serving genuine Indian and Gujarati food. Buffet breakfast and brunch is the key highlights of this restaurant. It is good to hang out in evening in Azure with flawless taste of its spicy cuisines.
Sayaji ganj, Surya Palace Hotel,
Opposite Parsi Agiary, Vadodara
Phone No: 0265- 2363366

Mandap Restaurant in Vadodara

Travelers searching for lavish Gujarati food must end up at Mandap restaurant in Vadodara. It is very popular destination for gourmets in the city, especially ethnic Gujarati taste. It is found in the premises of Express Hotel serving genuine Gujarati thali, along with the feature of unlimited quantity.
Express Tower Hotel, R C Dutt Road,
Opp Canara Bank, Alkapuri, Vadodara
Phone No: 9227881135

Mr. & Mrs. Somani in Surat

Restaurant in Surat

This unique featured restaurant is found in the premises of TGB, the five star hotel of Surat. Along with exquisite stay, it is also popular for its well established restaurant Mr. & Mrs. Somani. Along with name, its food quality and atmosphere is also distinctive. Interestingly, it is completely vegetarian with wide options of dishes. Its plush interior, magnificent food quality and friendly hospitality makes it paramount place to dine for elite and classy people.
The Grand Bhagwati Hotel, Magadalla Circle,
Dumas Road, Surat
Phone No: 0261- 3980111

Kansar Gujarati Thali in Surat

Kansar Gujarati Thali restaurant is authentic Indian and Gujarati food joint in Surat. It is well known for Gujarati Thali that is prepared in original style. Even, Rajasthani and Punjabi cuisines are worth having at Kansar Gujarati Thali restaurant. And do not forget to taste butter milk and sweets prepared in this restaurant.
‘A’, President Plaza, Nr RTO, Surat
Phone No: 0261 - 2470000

Jassi De Parathe in Rajkot

Jassi De Parathe is the new destination for Punjabi foodies in Rajkot. It is located in the region of Hedgewar Marg and is serving best kinds of cuisines from Punjabi culinary. They have purposely created homely atmosphere to experience their mouthwatering dishes. Paranthe with achar is worth having at Jassi De Parathe in Rajkot.
Dr Hegadevar Marg. Rajkot

Yellow Chilli Restaurant in Bhuj

Restaurants in Bhuj

Yellow Chilli is typical Indian style restaurant that run under the flagship of Sanjeev Kapoor. Located in the ambiance of Hotel Mangalam, it is one of the finest places for family outing in the city. Exceptional taste and quality food is the key highlights of Yellow Chilli. Along with sub continental dishes they also serve local cuisines and chaat which is an alluring factor of this restaurant.
Hotel Mangalam, Mangalam Cross Road,
Sanskar Nagar, Bhuj

Sankalp Restaurant in Bhuj

Sankalp is one of the excellent dining halls in the region of new station road in Bhuj. Clean and hygienic ambiance makes it more attractive for having food. Authentic south Indian food along with spicy Indian cuisines is main highlighted platters of Sankalp. Exquisite service and warm hospitality is the soul of Sankalp Restaurant in Bhuj.
Hotel Oasis, New Station Road,
Muws Complex, Bhuj
Phone No: 0283- 2256303

Green Rock in Bhuj

Bhuj attracts many travelers due to ethnic tourist sites and authentic Guajarati food. One of the best places to dine in the premises of Bhuj is Green Rock restaurant. It is placed near bus stand of Bhuj making it convenient to reach. Gujarati Thali and pure vegan food served at Green Rock is appreciated by every visitor. The fresh vegetables, hot rotis, and lavishing khichdi are part of lunch in restaurant.
Bus Stand Bhuj

Premwati in Gandhinagar

Located in the serene of Akshardham Mandir, Premwati is one of the excellent places of hospitality. It comes with great service and devotion. Food served at this place is recognized as holy Prasad which is also great in taste. Khichadi should not be missed out at Premwati.
Akshardham, Gandhinagar

Chinese Restaurants in Gujarat

If you love Chinese food, you can taste its delectable varieties at Chinese restaurants of Gujarat that include following popular joints:

Tomato’s in Ahmedabad

Tomato’s is the well known food joint located in the heart of city. It offers wide range of Chinese cuisines along with Indian and Tex-Mex food. Mexican rice (Foil cooked) and Garden Skillet are quite enjoyable here. Remember, it serves both vegan and non vegan dishes. So, pure vegetarians must consider the fact. For them, Paneer cusines and Cheese Naan is good option.
1/ 2/ 3, Ground Floor, Mardia Plaza, Law Garden
Chimanlal Girdharlal Road, Ahmedabad
Phone No: 079- 26466129

Yanki Sizzlers in Ahmedabad

Sizzlers in Ahmedabad

You can try out Chinese, Mexican, and Japanese sizzlers at Yanki. It is placed near Thaltej circle in Ahmedabad, ideal for arrive. Its menu also includes continental food and sea food. Peppy poppy potato, Schezwan fries, Soups and Veg club would be worth to taste at this venue.
S G Road, Opp New York Tower,
Near Thaltej Circle, Ahmedabad

Kai Asia in Vadodara

Kai Asia is established in the mid of Vadodara town serving one of the best Asian food in this region. People coming here are delighted with exotic interior that sooth eyes. They have tried to give authentic Japanese food, Thai cuisines, and Chinese delicacies. Khao Ped, Dimsums, Thai Curry and Burnt Garlic Rice are few of the favorite dishes of Kai Asia restaurant.
Akota Garden, Near The Gateway Hotel,
Akota, Vadodara
Phone No: 0265- 6617676

Mainland China in Vadodara

Gujarat is well known for its ethnic food in India. But the state also offers you lots of variety in international cuisines, primarily including Chinese food. Mainland China, a reckoned Chinese food chain has opened branch in Vadodara as well. They are serving authentic Chinese dishes like Hakka Noodles, Manchurian, Tikkas, and Tandooris as the main menu of this restaurant.
Center Square Mall
Third Floor, Sarabhai Road, Vadodara
Phone No: 0265- 2280496

Wok on Fire in  Surat

Fast Food in  Surat

This is the good place to have Chinese starters and cuisines. Soup, Manchurian, noodles, etc are provided in authentic taste. Wok on Fire is placed in the mid of town to deliver exquisite fooding experience to people coming at Surat.
G 2, Golden Square, Parle Point,
Near Sargam Shopping Center, Surat
Phone No: 0261- 6511111

Italian and Mexican Restaurants in Gujarat

For the international gourmet treats, there are many restaurants in Gujarat serving classic Italian, American, and Mexican foods. These international cuisine restaurants include:

Toritos Restaurant in Ahmedabad

Italian Restaurant in Ahmedabad

Toritos Restaurant is one of the stylish joints that offer Italian and Mexican food at same place. It is favorite hangout spot for locals as well as arrivals. Pasta and Pizzas are offered in mouthwatering varieties making it the featured bistro. Toritos Mexican soup and Vegetarian gratin should also be tried out at Toritos.
Shivalik Building, Opposite Bank of Baroda
Near Panchvati Cross Road, Ambavadi, Ahmedabad
Phone No: 079- 26400730

Upper Crust Restaurant in Ahmedabad

Upper Crust is established to give foreign cultured food in the premises of Ahmedabad. It serves cakes & pastries, pizzas, breads, macroni and other Italian as well as American food. Since long time it is serving great sizzlers which prompt people to visit again and again. People who love to eat Italian, Mexican, American, or Chinese food must try out here.
Aarohi Complex, Vijay Cross Road,
Opposite Maharaja Palace
Phone No: 079- 27912778

Leonardo Ristorante Italiano in Surat

Restaurants in Surat

Surat is blessed with one of the best places of international food, particularly Italian at Leonardo Ristorante Italiano. It is recommended place for foreigners as well as Indian foodies who wish to taste Italian pasta, pizzas and breads. Its elegant interior and wonderful service add to its features making it convenient place for visitors to enjoy Italian food.
International Business Center, No 13,
Nr Big Bazaar, Dumas Road, Piplod, Surat
Phone No: 9726978888

Freezeland in Ahmedabad

Here, you find the delicious sandwiches of different styles. Typical Indian, Mexican, Italian, and Italian dishes are served in the wonderful ambiance. It is prominent places to hang out in city of Ahmedabad. It remains overbooked in holidays and weekends.
Ground Floor, Silicon Tower- 2, Chimanlal Girdharlal Road,
Ellisbridge, Ahmedabad
Phone No: 079 - 26402318

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Cafes in Gujarat

To spend leisure time or simply hangout with your gang of friends, there are many happening cafes in Gujarat. These cafe restaurants are perfect for their pleasant ambiance and brewing cup of coffee. These cafes include:

Zen Café in Ahmedabad

Café in Ahmedabad

Zen Café is good place to unwind in the area of University. Relaxed ambiance with comfort of seating makes this prominent place for elite class. It’s wonderful interior and decorated ambiance gives soothing experience to visitors. Sipping coffee along with quality snacks and starters is the best way to spend time with friends at Zen Café.
University Road, Opp Gujarat University, Ahmedabad
Phone No: 079- 65459298

Café Piano in Surat

Café Piano is a coffee house having handful of menu for serving. It is established in the exuberant ambiance of TGB Hotel which remains open for 24 hours. At any point you are able to taste mouthwatering pastries, coffee and other lavishing crisps at this café.
Hotel TGB, Magdalla Circle, Surat
Phone No: 8980001027

Mysore Café in Surat

Mysore Café in Surat

Mysore Café is a coffee shop cum food joint that exists since long period in Surat. It serves typical tasty south Indian cuisine along with Punjabi chhola bhatura and other Indian style fast food. Entire menu is cooked in ethnic style which may disappoint people who love extra spicy food. Easy to access, uncomplicated atmosphere, quality food, and affordable rates keeps this place crowed.
Daruwala Building, Athwalines, Surat
Phone No: 0261 - 2463767

Tea Post in Rajkot

Tea Post is the best place to spend tea time in Rajkot. It is well established bistro that serves light beverages, noodles and few vegetarian food stuffs. The coffee house is infused with wifi facilities for customers. People love to hang out at this venue with friends and companions in Rajkot.
Race Course Ring Road, Rajkot

Senseo Coffee Shop in Rajkot

Senso Coffee shop is exquisitely incepted in the premises of Imperial palace in the region of Rajkot. This coffee shop is infused with magnificent ambiance and exclusive interior. It is prevailed in city to experience quality beverages, desserts and drinks with extra luxury hospitality.  This place is ultimate destination for small business meets, parting friends, and to spend quality time with companion.
Dr. Yagnik Road, The Imperial Palace, Rajkot
Phone No: 0281- 2480000

Café Jukebox in Rajkot

Café in Rajkot

If you love Mexican, Chinese and Thai food and traveling around Rajkot in Gujarat, then should not avoid visiting Café Jukebox. It is best place for people who love variety but never want to compromise with quality and taste. Distinguished pizzas with lots of varieties are the highlight of menu at Café Jukebox.
Gujarat Housing Board
Opp Mahila College, Kalavad Road, Rajkot

Mom’s Café in Anand

Though, Anand is smaller than Ahmedabad or Surat, but the venues of hospitality are not limited. Mom’s Café has emerged as good place for hang out in the city. Guests may have sandwiches, parathas, coffee, tea, and other varieties while spending time here. Ambiance of café is also nice for exotic time spend.
Opposite State Bank of India,
Anand Sojitra Road, Anand
Phone No: 9824702008

Ken’s Koffee Plus in Gandhinagar

Cafe in Gandhinagar

It is one of the best destinations for hangouts in town of Gandhinagar. It is well placed in the Infocity. Organic tea or herbal tea is also available along with coffee and other beverages. Free wi-fi makes your presence more satisfactory. You can also try surprising herbal cookies made of Ragi, Shatavari, and Ashwagandha in this joint.
148 A, Super Mall2, Infocity, Gandhinagar
Phone No: 8758637922

Melt In in Ahmedabad

Melt In is mostly talked for its exclusive interiors. Likewise, its ice cream varieties are also surprising. Scoops of ice cream with caramel chocolate and other flavor make it perfect for visitors. Melting flavors of ice cream, focaccia bread, mango chilli wraps, gelato, and desserts is hot favorite eatables of visitors.
Judges Bunglow Road, Ahmedabad

Havmor in Ahmedabad

Havmor is wonderfully established ice cream parlour in Ahmedabad serving some of the excellent melting desserts. Its low cost menu attracts many customers around the city. Its authentic Indian cuisines are also worth to taste. Typical Indian fast food and spicy cuisines should be part of your order indeed, when coming to this venue.
Navrangpura, Ahmedabad
Phone No: 9727765799

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Fast Food Restaurants in Gujarat

Here is the list of all famous fast food restaurants in Gujarat:

Swati Snacks in Ahmedabad

Snacks in Ahmedabad

Swati Snacks is best place to taste local food of Gujarat and Rajasthan. It is popular destination for brunch and breakfast in Ahmedabadi style. You must try Dal Baati, Khichu and Thalipeeth at Swati Snacks. It remains overcrowded during peak times, so keep extra time. Though it is overpriced, for typical taste of food, it is worth to visit this joint.
Sera Building, Ganghibagh Society, Ground floor
Near Law Garden, Ahmedabad
Phone No: 079 - 26405900

Pehelwan Da Chola in Surat

Pehelwan Da Chola is one of the renowned places for lavish Indian fast food. It is reckoned for its exquisite quality and taste in the city. Chola Bhatura is the highlighted dish that attracts people from all around the city. As it is placed in market location, visitors must be prepared for rush and crowded ambiance.
Pehelwan Da Chola, JJ Textile Market, Surat

Choice Next in Ahmedabad

It is one of the best fast food joints serving conventional and contemporary chaats of Gujarat. It is well known for its local food along with South Indian, Italian, and Indian fast food. Bhel, Sev Puri, Pao Bhaji and Jumbo Sandwiches are the main attractions of this eatery. This pure vegan fast food eatery is located in the area of Nehru Nagar since many years.
Shop No 1/ 2, Ground Floor, Ocean Park,
Near St. Meera Institute, Satellite Road,
Nehru Nagar, Ahmedabad
Phone No: 079- 26730071

Kaka Ni Bhaji Pav & Fast Food in Ahmedabad

Kaka Ni Bhaji Pav & Fast Food is one of the renowned names in fast food restaurants in the region of Kankaria at Ahmedabad. Started as fast food joint, it has become wholesome restaurant serving all types of cuisines. But charm of fast food, particularly pav bhaji remains the same. Chinese, Indian, and fast food are main menu of restaurant. Today, lots of people visit to taste lavish chaat of Kaka Ni Bhaji Pav & Fast Food.
Kathalal Highway Road, Kuha,
Near Swaminarayan Temple, Kankaria, Ahmedabad
Phone No: 079- 22976434

Deep Fast Food in Rajkot

Fast Food in Rajkot

Deep Fast Food is one of the distinct names in hospitality industry of Rajkot. It is not just one food joint. Rather three fast food restaurants are set up across the city. Indian chaat, Gujarati fast food, and South Indian cuisines are served at Deep Fast Food. Also, Punjabi thali and Gujarati thali is offered at these joints.


  • Near Jaynath Hospital, Bhakti Nagar Circle,
    Rajkot (Gujarat)
    Phone No: 0281- 3017375

  • Haribhai Dhava Marg, Near Navnit Hall,
    Opp. Jignesh Auto, Rajkot (Gujarat)
    Phone No: 99133- 77779

  • Ground Floor, Shreenathji Tower,
    Near Reliance Pump, Jetpur (Gujarat)
    Phone No: 02823- 222288

Raipur Bhajia House in Ahmedabad

Raipur Bhajia House is one of the specialty fast food restaurant located in the region of Ambavadi in Ahmedabad. It is renowned place for tea and beverages along with light Indian snacks. They serve all types of bhajias and pakoras. People from Indian origin love to visit this place and relish real taste of Indian Bhajias. They are wonderfully cooked with hygiene and served along with delicious sauce/ chutney.
Ground Floor, 120, Circular Rd,
Nr Nehru Nagar Circle, Ambavadi, Ahmedabad
Phone No: 079- 26308162

Chatkazz Fast Food Chain in Gujarat

Chatkazz in Gujarat

Chatkazz is one of the fast food chains covering all parts of Rajkot. There are infinite numbers of Chatkazz joints established across the state of Gujarat. Its franchisees are opened in almost every city of Gujarat. You can taste lavish food items served at these fast food joints at any such city of Gujarat. Visitors can try varieties of family pizzas, mocktails, vadapav, burger, frankie, garlic bread, sandwiches, pav bhaji, chola nan, and jumbo triangle pizzas.
Contact Detail:

Desi Delight in Ahmedabad

Desi Delight is another good name in serving delicious fast food in Ahmedabad. It is typical fast food café that can be enjoyed instantly. It is located in AlphaOne Mall in Vastrapur. People can revamp their taste enzymes by eating good quality and variety of fast food available in Desi Delight and also move around the premises to enjoy the ambiance. Visitors would take taste of samosa, kachori, puffs, vada, butter milk, tea, coffee, pakora, and other such.
Shop No 7, Food Court,
AlphaOne Mall, Third Floor, Vastrapur, Ahmedabad
Phone No: 9274572396

Pizza on the Rocks in Vadodara

Pizza in Vadodara

Italian food is becoming quite popular in Indian sub continent. Pizza on the Rocks established in the region of Vadodara is serving delicious pizzas, bread, and other delicacies to their guests. This 11 to 11 restaurant is favorite place of hang out for the people of this city. You will certainly love the food quality and authentic taste of pizza prepared by chefs in Pizza on the Rocks.
1 Maryland Complex, O P Road, Vadodara
Phone No: 0265- 2327773

Gopal Khaman House in Surat

This is typical Gujarati fast food restaurant that offers ethnic and contemporary foodstuff in Surat. They preserve the authentic chat of Gujarat and serve them to their guest with pleasure. Khaman and Locho are the two distinct food items wished by lots of visitors.
Mancharpura, Kharadi Sheri Naka,
Near Surat Station, Surat
Phone No: 9377014000
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Dhabas in Gujarat

Travelling in Gujarat becomes more delightful with stopover destinations called the roadside dhabas. They are mostly stationed along the highways and offer authentic taste of the region. These dhabas in Gujarat serve typical Gujarati cuisines; sometimes, very spicy in flavor. With their distinct taste and regional feel, they offer you journey through the culinary expertise of Gujarati people. Some of the most famous road side dhabas in Gujarat are:

Dhabas in Gujarat

Ummiya Annapurna Kathiyawad in Anand

This dhaba along NH 8 is a popular destination for foodies. The food here is prepared over wood fire. Their specialty dishes are sev tamatar, lahsun aloo, gatte ki subzi, and rotla served with clarified butter and jaggery. What you get here is the typical Kathiyawadi taste that is more on fiery side.
NH-8, Anand District, Gujarat

Maharishi Dhaba in Ahmedabad

Maharishi Dhaba located on Thaltej region of Ahmedabad is one of the prominent joints for travelers around the city. It serves wide range of varieties including Indian and Gujarati cuisines. It is well known for breakfast and brunch stop in this area. It is worth to taste chole bhatura at Maharishi Dhaba. Paneer and tandoori rotis are also good to have here.
4, New York Tower B, Jain Derasar,
Nr Thaltej Chowkdi, Ahmedabad
Mobile No: 9428120431

Shree Khodiyar Restaurant in Mehsana

Shree Khodiyar Restaurant is a dhaba situated on the highway of Visnagar. It is beautifully placed in bounty of nature presenting Indian as well as Gujarati food. Though it is situated along highway as an open restaurant, the food quality and flavor mesmerizes visitors. Apart, it is also affordable in nature as well as possesses good service staff.
Shree Rajashree Complex, Visnagar Road,
Manav Ashram Chowkdi, Mehsana

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