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Jain Temples in Gujarat


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Jain Temples in Gujarat

Gujarat is famous for its religious culture. Throughout its history, this state has represented exceptional religious tolerance and cultural diversity. It was invaded by many rulers who left their clear impact on its existence. Even till date, Gujarat represents glorious culture and different religious beliefs beautifully co-existing with each other. Other exemplary factor is the magnificence of Gujarati architecture that has flourished over the time. The state has many beautiful temples built during ancient times. These temples are venerated for their piousness. At the same time, they exhibit beautiful architecture of this region. There are many Jain temples located across the state of Gujarat. These include some of the most ancient and significant shrines of Jainism.

Famous Jain Temples in Gujarat

Here is a complete list of Jain Temples in Gujarat with the sites and complete information about the places that were build several years ago.

Shree Girnarji Tirth in Junagadh

Mountain Girnar near Junagadh have many Jain temples. It has five prominent Toonks or Peaks. First Toonk has pilgrimage of Lord Neminath, second has Shree Ambaji, and rest three have footprints of Lord Neminath and other Jain Tirthankars like Muni Sambukumar and Pradhyan Kumar, son of Lord Krishna. On the first peak, there are beautiful marble carved Jain Temples belonging to both Digambar and Shwetambar Jain groups. The most significant among them is huge temple of Lord Neminath.

Neminath Temple is famous for its culture and also known for its thrilling story of Nemi-Rajul (Rajmati). She was the princes to the king of Junagadh. Nemi Kumar was the son of Samudra Vijay and grandson of the king Andhakavirisni of Sauripur. On the day of his marriage to Rajul, being perturbed by mass sacrifice of animals for feast, he took the path of meditation. He proceeded to Girnar Mountain and Rajul also followed his steps. Neminath attained supreme stage of Keval Gyan with his long penance and Rajul later founded Saadhvi Sangh, the women organization of Jain ascetics.

Temple Complex at Girnar in Junagadh

The temple was built during 1128-1159 AD. Lord Neminath is the 22nd Jain Tirthankar. His temple was beautifully erected with quadrangle courtyards adorned with beautiful carvings and several other shrines inside complex. It is said that idol of Lord Neminath in this temple is oldest in the world. It is believed to be more than 84000 years old. The visit of this temple is inclined more on adapting good karma.

Girnar temple is located on Girnar Mountain with the height of 1100m high. Climbing time is 5 hours (one way) with 9500 steps (one way). The location has beautiful sceneries which can be seen from mountain peak. Every year in January, Girnar Climbing Competition is held and the winner receives prizes. This is once in lifetime opportunity to explore the beauty of this place.

Other Jain Temples here include Mallinath Temple built by Tejpala and Vastupala, 15th Century Bhagwan Parshwanath Temple, and Golden Rishabh Dev Temple.

How to Reach Shree Girnarji Tirth in Junagadh

Girnar Mountain is 5 km east from Junagadh city and about 400 km south west of Ahmedabad. It is easily accessible by trains, roads and state transport available there.

Best Time to Visit Shree Girnarji Tirth in Junagadh

The best time to visit is during the month of October and March. It is the best weather for planning sightseeing tour to this place.

Palitana Temples in Bhavnagar

Located in the Bhavnagar district, Palitana is famous for the largest cluster of Jain temples. It is situated on the sacred Shatrunjaya Hill. There are around 863 temples on this hill, all carved out of marble. This place is visited by 23 tirthankars including Rishabha, the first Jain Tirthankar. The temples of Palitana were built over the period of 900 years commencing from 11th century AD.

Beautiful Jain Temples in Palitana of Gujarat

During the invasions of Muslims in this region, some of these temples were even destroyed and later restored or rebuilt by rich patrons of Jainism. They are named after those who donated funds for their establishment. Many legends and traditions are still related closely to these temples of Palitana. The temples are3 built in form of clusters called as Tunks. There are total nine tunks on this hill with one main shrine and numerous small shrines engulfing it from all sides. Chaumukh temples or four sided structures to see the idols from all four directions are unique characteristics of this complex. The interiors are adorned with fine carvings on doors, pathways, ceilings, and walls.

Adinath Temple is the main shrine of Palitana. It is a magnificent temple decorated with beautiful motifs including those of dragons. It has three routes for Pradakshina. The first one passes through Sahasrakuta Temple, second one through Mt Meru, Adishwar, Sammet Shikhar, and Samavasaran Temples. The third route passes through Chaumukh structure of Ashtapada Temple. Adishwar Temple dedicated to Lord Adinath is a prominent Jain shrine admirable for its beauty and sanctity.

How to Reach Palitana Temples in Bhavnagar

It is 29 km away from Bhavnagar Siddhakshetra. Palitana Temple is located in Gujarat, 51 Km South West of Bhavnagar. The place has good road. The temple complex is 30 kilometers from Shihor. Transportation is easily available.

Best Time to visit Palitana Temples in Bhavnagar

The month of January and February are the best time to visit with the minimum temperature of 10 degrees and maximum temperature is 24 degrees Celsius.

Taranga Temples in Mehsana

Over all, there are 18 temples situated in Taranga Temple Complex. It is located about 80 km away from Mehsana. Interestingly, this complex encompasses both Swetambar and Digambar Jain affiliated temples. However, the original Taranga complex with 14 temples is dedicated to Swetambar Jain community. As such, it is a Siddha Kshetra. The most significant and old temple here was built in 1121 AD by Solanki ruler Kumarpal.

Ancient Jain Temples near Mehsana on Taranga Hills

The temple is highly dedicated to Lord Ajithnath. This temple is famous for its beautiful scenes. It is a splendid structure with seven domes and foot idols of Lord Rishabh Dev and other 20 Tirthankars. The main Taranga Temple measures 45 meters in length and 3 Metres in width. It is quite similar to Neminath Temple of Girnar Hills in architecture.

How to Reach Taranga Temples in Mehsana

This temple is 28 Kilometers from Mehsana. Transport means like buses and taxis are conveniently available from cities like Mehsana and Ahmedabad to reach here.

Best time to Visit Taranga Temples in Mehsana

Visit this temple between the month of October and March because it’s too cold in winters and extremely hot during summers.

Jain Temples at Kothara in Kutch

This small estate in Kutch is famous for Jain temple that was built here during 1862. It is one of the five temples of Abdasa. The main temple is two storied ad adorned with beautiful architecture. This sacred temple displays striking workmanship of the Mistris of Kutch. This opulent temple is also known by name of Kalyan Tunk. It is fortified by five cells of a citadel like structure. It has five domes with high spires having flags. The temple is built with arched gates and pillars exhibiting intricate carvings by the artisans of this region.

Jain Temples in Kothara Gujarat

How to Reach Jain Temples at Kothara in Kutch

To reach this temple, Bhuj is the nearest railway head. Another sacred shrine of Suthari is also proximally located at a distance of mere 12 km from here. You can easily find buses and private cabs plying regularly between these Jain shrines.

Best Time to Visit Jain Temples at Kothara in Kutch

You can plan your visit to this temple during the months from July to March every year. The climate also remains pleasant during this phase.

Hatheesing Temple in Ahmedabad

It was built outside the Delhi Gate by a Jain rich Merchant in 1850. This temple has the specialty of its white marble and decorated with best carvings. The temple is dedicated to the lord Dharamnath, the 15th Trithankara of Jainism. The city has many more variety of temples with beautiful structure and carvings as well. The construction of this temple was planned by Seth Hathisinh Kesarisinh, who was a trader of Ahmedabad.

Beautiful Hatheesingh Jain Temple in Ahmedabad

The construction was looked after by his wife Shethani Harkunvar. The temple was built with the help of feminine in Gujarat. During the building many artisans were employed for the period of two years. The main structure is double storied housing 11 deities and ornate front. There is a beautiful pillar of honor called Manastambha in this complex.

How to Reach Hatheesing Temple in Ahmedabad

It is situated in Madhupura of Ahmedabad. As such, it is very easy to reach this temple by any means of transport, be it air, road, or trains. Ahmedabad has excellent connectivity with the rest of country through its railway station and bus terminals. Local transport is easily available from taxi stand, bus stop, airport, and railway stations to reach this temple.

Shankeshwar Temple in Modhera

This temple is famous for old Jain pilgrimage site. The village in which the temple is situated was on the lease granted by the emperor Shah Jahan to Nagar Seth of Ahmedabad. The fair is held at Shankeshwar Temple on full moon day of Hindu calendar. The temple has the open and well decorated square. It is believed that several miracles are associated with it. There are 52 deities in the temple. 

How to Reach Shankeshwar Temple in Modhera

The nearest railway stations for Shankeshwar Temple are Harij. Bus services and private transportation is also available.

Vasai Jain Temple of Bhadreshwar in Kutch

Vasai Jain temple is one of the ancient holy shrines that located in the region of Bhadreshwar. It is popular as Shri Bhadreshwar Tirth among its followers. It is situated in historical town Bhadreshwar, which was also called as Bhadravati Nagari. It is placed 1 km away from main town area of Bhadreshwar. This historical temple was laid by Devchandra, a Jain layman. It got renovated in 1134 and 1315 respectively by Shimalis and Jagdusha. Afterwards it was rehabilitated in 1819, 1844, as well as 1875 AD due to calamity of earthquake. Again it was recently refurbished after the earthquake hit Gujarat in 2001.

Vasai Jain Temples of Bhadreshwar in Gujarat

How to Reach Vasai Jain Temple in Bhadreshwar

This holy temple is located in Kutch region, placed nearly 30 kilometers from the town of Mundra and 35 km from Gandhidham. It can be reached easily from any of these cities.

Jain Temples of Mahudi in Gandhinagar

Mahudi is a small village in Gandhinagar district. It is known for the revered Jinalaya Temple of Ghantakarna Mahavir. Every year, this temple is visited by hordes of devotees. It is dedicated to Shri Ghantakarna Mahavi Dev ji. It was built under guidance of Shri Buddhisagar Maharaj Saheb. Many legends are associated with the idol of this temple. It is believed that Maharaj Saheb did hard penance to please lord to protect the people from all fears. He drew an image of Lord Ghantakarna Mahavir.

Jain Temples at Mahudi in Gandhinagar

The idol was made later on and made lively by Maharaj Saheb ji. This temple also marble idol of Lord Padmaprabh and another temple dedicated to Acharya Shrimad Buddhisagar Maharaj. The Prasad or Sukhadi in this temple is prohibited from being taken outside the complex. Every day, this Sukhadi is taken by numerous devotees who visit the temple.   

How to reach Jain Temples of Mahudi in Gandhinagar

Since this temple is located near Ahmedabad, it is quite easy to access by all means. Buses for Mahudi are available from Gita Mandir Stop near Kalupur Railway Station.

Jain Temples in Jamnagar

Jain Temples of Jamnagar are worth visiting not only for their religious significance but also for the sheer opulence that they exhibit. The famous Jamnagar Tirath has 14 temples. Jain Derasar or temples in Jamnagar include Adinath Derasar, Vardhman Shah Jain Derasar, Shantinath Jain Derasar, and Raisi Shah Jain temple. The city has more than 30 Jain temples located in its different locations.

Sonagarh Temples near Bhavnagar

It is 28 km from Bhavnagar and 22 km from Palitana. This small village became popular due to Shri Kanaji Swami ji. It became a very important pilgrimage centre. This place has many beautiful temples. The list of these temples is as follows-
  • Digambar Jain Paramgam Temple
  • Seemandharswamy Mandir
  • Mahavira Kunda Digambar
  • Samavasaran Mandir
  • Swadyay Mandir.
  • Panchmeru Nandishwar temple
  • KanajiSwamiji's Samadhi
  • Chaqmpabahanji's Samadhi
  • Kanaji Swamiji's Museum

These are some of the most significant and venerated Jain shrines in Gujarat. They are visited by the devotees from Jainism as well as Hinduism. Along with their religious values, these Jain temples depict the splendid architecture of ancient Gujarat.

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