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Healthcare in Gujarat


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Healthcare in Gujarat

It is rightly said that accessibility of healthcare defines the progress of a society. It is an important parameter for ascertaining the development made by any developing country or region. In this regard, Gujarat has shown exemplary all round growth. This progressive state of India is a pioneer in the healthcare reforms. It is one of the few states where health and medical facilities reach out to every individual without any inequity. In the last one decade, many steps have been taken by the state government to improve health conditions for the poor and deprived people of Gujarat. To this effect, government has taken concrete steps like introducing private partnership in healthcare reforms and use of advanced techniques in this realm.

Health Care in Gujarat

The state has dense network of government and private hospitals, nursing homes, health centers, and yoga centers along with complete healthcare infrastructure. In the recent times, the state is also ushering as a prime destination for medical tourism in the country. Let us take a look at Gujarat’s health care sector and initiatives in detail:

Role of Department of Health and Family Welfare in Gujarat

The department of Health and Family Welfare in this state is endeavored to take health care reforms to every person living in Gujarat. Hence, it has set up primary, secondary as well as tertiary health centers in even the remotest parts of the state with more emphasis laid on well being of people living below poverty line and those living in the rural slums. The department is also committed at creating appropriate manpower in this sector through medical and paramedical educational facilities.

Department of Health and Family Welfare in Gujarat

Functions performed by Health Department in Gujarat are:
  • To establish health care centers at all the levels
  • Providing appropriate infrastructural facilities to these centers
  • Proper monitoring of food and drug safety for all sections of society
  • Proper Implementation of central government approved health schemes and programs
  • Supplementing contemporary medicine system with ancient system of AYUSH
  • Providing emergency health care services during the time of any natural or manmade calamity
  • Implementing adequate measures to lower down child and maternal mortality rate
  • Creating awareness programs at community levels
Website Link: https://gujhealth.gov.in/

Schemes and Programs Implemented by Health Department in Gujarat

Apart from designing new health initiatives, this department has also endeavored to implement them in a fast and effective manner. As such, these unique schemes have largely helped to eradicate many life threatening diseases in entirety from Gujarat. Some of these initiatives are:

Mukhyamantri Amrutam Yojana

Also called as MA Yojana, it is a scheme aimed at the people below poverty line. Under this scheme, state government bears the cost of hospitalization and surgeries up to the amount of Rs. 2 lakhs. Every family in this category is issued a bar coded card for availing such medical services. The government is working in conjunction with private and government hospitals for its implementation. There are more than 50 tie ups in the state so far. With its successful running, Gujarat has exhibited the success of PPP model in this sector as well.

Chiranjeevi Yojana

This scheme was implemented in the year 2005-06 with PPP Model. This scheme is directed at lowering the maternal and infant mortality rate in the state. Under this scheme, women from BPL families are getting treated at private maternity centers. It involves a cashless scheme and it is also linked with the coveted 108 ambulance service. This scheme has earned many accolades both nationally and internationally due to its high success rate.

108 Ambulance ServiceHealth Initiatives by Government of Gujarat

To ensure timely medical help to every resident of Gujarat, this is an excellent initiative taken by the government.

This service is available in eve the remote tribal areas of state and saved many lives.

Since its introduction, this service has helped for around 32000 successful deliveries in the state.

E-Mamta-Mother and Child Tracking

This is another landmark step taken by the state government to improve mother and child health. This scheme was introduced in the year 2010 as a name based child and mother tracking system. It involves registration of pregnant women, infant, and adolescent kids of the state to provide them services like post natal care, pre natal care, and safe child birth. During the past few years only, it has led to substantial drop in IMR of Gujarat.

Rogi Kalyan Samiti

Under this revolutionary scheme, state government has set aside the amount of Rs. 4 crores as fixed deposit. The interest earned from this deposit is utilized for treatments of patient up to amount of Rs. 15000 per person. Major cardiac problems, cancer, neurological, nephrological, and ophthalmic diseases are covered under this scheme.

Mamta Taruni Abhiyan

It is a community based scheme for unmarried school going adolescent girls. It is provided under RCH-II ARSH scheme. It involves training of these girls on various issues related to personal health, hygiene, nutrition, and self employment. Under this scheme, services are provided at Mamta Diwas Centers. ARSH cards are issued to the recipients of this scheme and IEC material is printed in Gujarati language.

Mamta Abhiyan

This is a unique four way scheme for preventive mother child care services through community participation. The scheme is divided into four parts, viz:

Mamta Diwas:
Fixed Day for Health and Nutrition of pregnant women, lactating mothers, and children under age of five

Mamta Mulakat:
Visit to doctor for post natal care to prevent maternal and neonatal mortality at this stage

Mamta Sandarbh
: Referral services at block level

Mamta Nondh:
A monitoring system for success and coverage of RCH services in the state

Government Schemes for the people of Gujarat

Rashtriya Swasthya Bima Yojana

RSBY scheme was launched to provide medical insurance for BPL families in this state. Under this scheme, coverage of hospitalization expenses up to Rs. 30000 is allowed to every beneficiary. Biometric smart card is issued to these families and many hospitals are empanelled under this scheme. In addition to BPL families, Gujarat government offers this scheme to Western railway porters, MGNREGA workers, and construction workers as well.

Rashtriya Bal Swasthya Karyakram- School Health Program

This program is conducted every year by the Department of Health and Family Welfare in Gujarat. It is functional here since 1997 as the largest health program run by the state. Newborn children, non school going children, children up to age of 18 years, and children in juvenile homes are benefitted by this scheme. Under this scheme, health screening, referral services, primary care, and super specialty treatment is provided to these children.

Janani Suraksha Yojana

It is a program under NRHM National Rural Health Mission. Under this scheme, benefits are paid before and after delivery to the eligible women belonging to BPL, SC, and ST families.

Government Assistance to Pregnant Women in Gujarat

Health Infrastructure in Gujarat

Being a progressive state, Gujarat has high standards of medical and health care. It has better Infant and Mortality Rate, sex ratio, and fertility rate. Its present health infrastructure only lacks in terms of specialists and nursing staff at rural level. The health infrastructure of Gujarat includes:

Health Sub Centers: 7274
Primary Health Centers: 1158
Community Health Centers: 318
Doctors at PHCs: 778
Female Health Workers at PHCs and Sub Centers: 6431
Male Health Workers at Sub Centers: 4874
Specialists at CHCs: 76
Pediatricians at CHCs: 3
Gynecologists at CHCs: 9
Pharmacists at PHCs and CHCs: 1428
Nursing Staff at PHCs and CHCs: 2705

Government Health Offices in Gujarat

For better implementation of various health schemes and initiatives, Gujarat Government has set up separate offices and bodies under Health department. They collectively work for taking the health agenda forward with their efficiency and proper management. The main health bodies in Gujarat are:

Government Health Bodies in GujaratGujarat State AIDS Control Society

The government of Gujarat set up State AIDS Cell in the year 1992 to fight with this deadly disease. It was established to implement the phase 1 of National AIDS Control Programme.

For timely implementation of these guidelines and to increase the role of NGOs in it, State AIDS Empowered Committee in Gujarat converted this existing cell into a registered society in the year 1999.

State Nutrition Cell

This is a cell formed to monitor the nutritional status of Gujarat. It runs schemes like Mamta Abhiyan, Gujarat State Nutrition Mission, National Iodine Deficiency Disorder Control Program, NPPCF, and National Iron Plus Initiative. The cell is further segregated into two units viz, National Nutrition Monitoring Bureau and Iodine Deficiency Disorder Cell. The cell is headed by Nodal Officer called Programme officer assisted by other staff members.

Gujarat Medical Services Corporation Limited

GMSCL is an autonomous corporation formed under Companies Act. It replaced the earlier organization called Central Medical Stores organization. It was established in the year 1978 by the Government of Gujarat for distribution, storage, and procurement of medical supplies to government owned health institutions. With growing demand of reforms in this sector, CMSO was transformed into GMSCL. It works to buy, store, distribute, as well as sell generic and patent drugs and medical/surgical supplies. It also acts as a nodal body to implement all the health related schemes and programs in the state.

Medical Tourism in Gujarat

Gujarat is certainly a trendsetter when it comes to healthcare in India. The state boasts of excellent socio economic indicators, world class medical services, PPP model in the sector, technology based initiatives, investments from leading healthcare players, and emphasis on quality accreditation. With these factors, the state poses bright prospects to emerge as a prime destination for medical tourism.

Scope for Medical Tourism in Gujarat

Many leading names from healthcare industry are functioning in Gujarat. The state has earned distinction of being highly cost effective with super specialty hospitals existing in its major cities like Ahmedabad, Surat, Baroda, and Gandhinagar. Major chunk of medical tourists in the state includes the Non Resident Gujaratis settled in nations like UK, USA, Australia, South Africa, and New Zealand. Basically, people head to Gujarat for planned surgeries including joint replacement, spine, and ophthalmic surgeries.

Gujarat has exceptional facilities and expertise in the fields like orthopedic surgery, cardiology, ophthalmology, joint replacement surgeries, cardiothoracic surgeries, organ transplant, and gastroenterology.

Government Policy for Medical Tourism in Gujarat

The commitment of state government to promote medical tourism in Gujarat was declared in its medical tourism policy of 2006. With implementation of this policy, medical tourism has witnessed surge of 33 percent in the recent times. Government plans to set up a dedicated Medicity in the state along with other planned health infrastructure. It also ensures convenient transportation facilities to these patients visiting here for treatment. It has also tied up with many insurance companies to ensure cost effective treatments for foreign tourists as well. Hospital accreditation and quality assurance measures are taken to upgrade the standards of hospitals in the state.

Reasons that Promote Medical Tourism in Gujarat

  • First and foremost reason for growth of medical tourism in Gujarat is availability of excellent medical infrastructure in the state.
  • The state has many tourist attractions that allure the tourists to visit this place.
  • Apt use of technology in medical care is available in most of the hospitals in Gujarat along with highest standards of cleanliness and hygiene.
  • The state has holistic approach for medical care.
  • Medical examinations and tests are also cost effective and easily available in hospitals of Gujarat.
  • There are many state of the art super specialty hospitals in cities like Ahmedabad, Vadodara, and Surat.
  • The state has excellent connectivity through air, rail, and road transport. With highest number of airports in the country, it is the easiest place to visit from any part of world.
  • Doctors in Gujarat are highly experienced and qualified.
  • Cost effectiveness of treatment is another advantage boosting medical tourism here. A Lasik treatment here cost around Rs. 25000 as compared to whooping $3000 in foreign countries. Knee implant in Gujarat is done at Rs. 90000 while in most of other countries, it costs approx. $ 80000.
  • Presence of corporate hospitals is another factor in this growth. They serve international patients visiting the state in the months from October to January.
  • Along with modern techniques, Gujarat has many institutions offering traditional methods of Ayurveda, Unani, acupressure, physiotherapy, and Naturopathy as well.
  • The state has unique PPP Model of healthcare that induces better medical facilities at all levels.
  • The government schemes and mediclaim facilities are easily available here.
  • There is minimal or zero waiting time at hospitals in Gujarat
  • For NRG patients, familiarity with language is also a huge advantage to prefer Gujarat for their surgeries and treatments.
  • For timely recuperation, there are many fascinating tourist spots in Gujarat along with comfortable accommodations in hotels and nature resorts.
  • Gujarat is highly preferable destination for cost effective dental tourism as well. Advanced treatments like RCT, implant retained denture, and crown/bridges are done in this state at very low prices.

Government Hospitals in Gujarat

Gujarat government has established numerous hospitals in all the major cities to offer excellent medical care to every resident of the state. These include specialty hospitals and research institutes where deadly diseases like cancer, cardiac, and kidney diseases are treated by experienced doctors in ultra modern facilities. Main government hospitals in Gujarat are:

Ahmedabad Civil Hospital

This hospital in Ahmedabad is the largest hospital in Asia. With area of 110 acres, it has many allied hospitals functioning under it. The new building of this hospital was built in 1953. Despite being old, it is an ultra modern hospital with sophisticated equipments and facilities. Every year, around 6.5 lakh patients are treated in its OPD while more than 70000 patients are admitted in Ahmedabad Civil Hospital. The hospital is a boon for poor people as they get world class medical treatments at concessional rates in this facility.

Government Hospitals in Gujarat

Address: “D” Block, Office of the Medical Superintendent Civil Hospital,
Asarwa, Ahmedabad-380 016
Phone No.: 079-22683721- 1001, 1002
Fax: 079-22683421
Website Link: https://civilhospitalamdavad.org/

Institute of Kidney Diseases and Research Centre in Ahmedabad

This institute is located within the Civil Campus of Asarwa. It was set up in 1981 to provide complete services in the fields of nephrology, transplantation, urology, hematology, and autoimmune disorders. Today, it stands on the area of 20000 sq. mt. making it the largest tertiary care centre in the world. In the same campus, Institute of Transplantation Sciences was established as a sister concern in the year 1997.

Address: Civil Hospital Campus,
Asarwa, Ahmedabad - 380016
Phone No.: +91 79 22685600-09 (except 03)
Website Link: https://www.ikdrc-its.org/

UN Mehta Institute of Cardiology and Research Center in AhmedabadGovernmemt Hospitals and Research Institutes in Gujarat

It is research institute affiliated to BJ Medical College in Civil Campus of Ahmedabad. It has strength of 450 beds with 5 cardiac operation theatres, 4 cardiac Cath Laboratories, and 110 bedded ICCU.

It runs many free cardiac related schemes affiliated by the state government from time to time. These include Free School Health Cardiac Program, BPL Scheme, ST Patients Scheme, SC Patients Scheme, Mukhyamantri Amrutam Yojana, and Low Income Group Scheme.

It also runs Emergency Medical Cardiac Services under which instant treatment is given to patients without any payment required within first 24 hours.

Address: Civil Hospital, Asarwa,
Phone No.: +91 (079) 22684200, 22684220
Fax No.: (079) 22682092, 22683981
Website Link: https://www.unmicrc.org/

Shri Takhtasinhji General Hospital in Bhavnagar

It is an old institution of Gujarat offering health care services to the people of Bhavnagar and nearby remote areas. It is a large hospital with 24 hours emergency department, different OPDs, NABL accredited labs, NABH accredited blood banks, intensive care units, 24 hours dialysis unit, and all types of surgical treatments. It has departments like orthopedic, radiology, gynecology, dental surgery, psychiatry, ophthalmology, ENT, general medicine, microbiology, pediatrics, forensic, biochemistry, etc.

Dr. H.L. Vaidya Road,
NA Bhavnagar – 364001
Phone No.: 0278- 2423250, 2510455

GMERS Medical College and Hospital in Gandhinagar

This hospital was established in 2010 with capacity of 300 beds. The entire campus is spread over area of 42 acres in the heart of city. It has pre and para medical staff to look after the patients coming to this hospital. It offers facilities like ICCU, general medicine, high risk, obstetric care, burns ward, neonatal care, immunization, physiotherapy, dental services, neoro surgery, pathology, radiology, and integrated testing centre for HIV/AIDS. Apart from these, there are many auxiliary services including ambulance and medical stores in this hospital.

Civil Hospital Campus, Near Pathikasharam,
Sector - 12, Gandhinagar - 382 012
Phone No: 91 - 79 - 23248034, 23248035, 23240296
Fax No.: 91 – 79 – 23240295
Website Link: https://www.gmersmchgandhinagar.com/

Leading Hospitals in Gujarat

Civil Hospital in Rajkot

The complex of Civil Hospital in Rajkot has total capacity of 750 beds in its different affiliated hospitals. The hospitals in this campus include Shri KT Seth Children Hospital, Shri GT Seth Eye Hospital, Rasulkhanji Zanana Hospital, and Pandit Deendayal Upadhyay Hospital. The civil hospital has facilities like radiology department, infertility treatment, laboratory, pharmacy, physiotherapy, handicap rehab centre, and surgical facilities with 24 hours emergency services.

Civil Hospital Campus,
Rajkot - 360001
Phone No.: +91 281 2458337, 2458338, 2458339
Fax No.: +91 281 2458340
Website Link: https://pdumcrajkot.org/

Medical College and Hospital in Vadodara

This hospital was established way back in 1865 under the name of Sir Sayajirao General Hospital. In the year 1907, this 56 bedded hospital was taken over by then Gujarat government. It is one of the largest referral hospitals of Gujarat. Currently, it has capacity of 1513 beds with all specialties and sub specialties. The hospital has 24 hours emergency services with facilities for all high end surgeries. There is also a 22 bedded nursing home within its premises. It has laboratories and radiology department for all types of clinical tests. The hospital having bed occupancy rate of 83% offers free of cost treatment to the economically weaker sections of society.

Sir Sayajirao General Hospital,
Jail road (Indira Avenue),
Vadodara - 390001
Phone No.: (0265) 2424848
Fax No.: (0265) 2424351

Gujarat Cancer and Research Institute (GCRI Specialty Hospital) in Ahmedabad

This autonomous body was established in the year 1972 as Regional Cancer Centre by Central Government of India. It is a 650 bedded hospital with advanced technologies and skilled team. The departments in this hospital are equipped with latest machineries to enable effective treatment of the patents brought here. It has departments for surgical oncology, radiation oncology, pediatric oncology, anesthesiology, cancer biology, para clinical diagnosis, prosthesis, chemotherapy, physiotherapy, community and gynecological oncology.

Address: Civil Hospital Campus, Asarwa,
Ahmedabad-380 016
Phone No.: +91-79- 2268 8000
Fax No.: +91-79-2268 5490
Website Link: www.cancerindia.org

New Civil Hospital in Surat

This hospital in Surat was established in the year 1964 with capacity of 300 beds. Today, it is a premier government hospital in South Gujarat with capacity of 1150 beds catering to 2000 patients in OPD. The hospital has facilities like help desk, spacious general wards and private rooms, separate wheel chair bay, drinking water, sanitation, super specialty consultation, 24 hours ambulance services including ‘ICU on Wheels’ facility. The hospital also has sophisticated equipments along with NABL accredited labs and NABH accredited blood banks as well as 24 operation theatres including modular OTs. The hospital runs its mobile unit to serve the patients in remotest areas of Surat. All these facilities are available at nominal or no charges for convenience of the poor people.

Government Healthcare Institutes in Gujarat

New Civil Hospital Campus,
Majuragate, Surat - 395001
Phone No.: (0261) 2244985, (0261) 2208340/41
Fax No.: (0261) 2241324
Website Link: https://www.nchsurat.org/

Guru Gobind Singh Hospital in Jamnagar

This hospital in Jamnagar is run by Department of Health and Family Welfare in Gujarat. It offers excellent medical treatment to the needy people with the help of latest techniques. The hospital was initially started as Irwin Group of Hospitals in the year 1926. Later, it was changed to its current name as Guru Gobind Singh hospital. Currently, it has capacity of 1300 beds and facilities like OPD, IPD, Ultra Sonography, high tech labs, operation theatres, immunization, family planning, and ECG.

Pandit Nehru Marg,
Jamnagar - 361 008
Phone No.: 0288 – 2554629

Private Hospitals in Gujarat

Gujarat is a hub for exceptionally progressive health care facilities. Apart from its leading government hospitals, the state boasts of many reputed and internatonally acclaimed private players as well in this field. Most of these private hospital in Gujarat offer super specialty and multi specialty services to the people in this state as well as those visiting here. These are some of the most famous private hospitals in Gujarat:

Zydus Hospital in Anand

Zydus is one of the super specialty hospitals that endeavor comprehensive and advance facility of treatment in Gujarat. It is located in the region of Anand, it is facilitated with qualified and experience doctors. They are specialized in reconstruction surgery, cancer surgery, cardiology, eye care, ENT, general surgery, dental care, pediatric, urology, vascular surgery, and pulmonology. They have separate wing to handle foreign travelers coming for medical tourism.

Private Hospitals in Gujarat

Address: Anand Lambhvel Road,
Anand - 388001
Phone No: 02692- 619501/ 502
Fax No: 02692- 619517
Website: zydushospitals.com
Email ID: info@zydushospitals.com
Mobile No: 9099002116, 8128663224

Goenka Hospital in Ahmedabad

Goenka Hospital is prime infrastructure for healthcare in the state of Gujarat. It is incepted in Ahmadebad city with amenities of super specialty hospitals. They are well equipped to cure domestic as well as international travelling patients. They also carry out various health programs and treatment camps for under privileged people of Gujarat. This hospital is attached with ICU, well equipped Operation theatre, OPD, and other essential infrastructures.

Address: Pethapur Mahudi Road, Piplaj,
Near GGS, Dist Gandhinagar, Gujarat
Phone No: 079- 30511111
Emergency No: 079- 30511000
Fax No: 079- 30511044
Website: www.goenkahospital.org
Email: info@goenkahospital.org

Yesha Super Speciality Hospital in Navsari

Yesha Super Speciality Hospital is one of the prominent centers for cancer treatment. Established in 1998, it focuses largely on comprehensive and modern treatment for cancer patients all around the state. It is located in the town of Navsari at station road with facilities like in house pharmacy, air conditioner rooms and diagnostic center.

Address: Railway Station Road,
Near Shroff Eye Hospital, Navsari
Phone No: 02637- 247743

Gokul Super Speciality Hospital in Rajkot

Gokul Super Speciality Hospital is exceptional neuro care hospitals located in the city of Rajkot. It was initially setup in the name of Gokul Hospital and Trauma center in 1991, which later become full-fledged multi speciality hospital in 2006. In this 3rd largest city of Gujarat, Gokul super speciality hospital is providing all health related facilities including OPD consultancy, micro and major surgeries, lab tests, ICU care, and other similar services.

Leading Private Hospitals in Gujarat

Address: 12/ 14, Manhar Plot, Rajkot
Phone No: 0281- 2464125
Website: gokulhospital.com

Venus Super Speciality Hospital in Vadodara

Venus super speciality hospital, established in 2010 is one of excellent healthcare institutes incepted in Vadodara. The hospital is bestowed with specialities in treating urology, neurosurgery, vascular surgery and other such. It is equipped with excellent team of specialist doctors, experience staff members, and modern amenities.

Address: Opp Akota Ward Office,
Off Old Padra Road, Vadodara
Phone No: 0265- 2342444
Mobile No: 8511178564
Website: venushospital.org/new

Sanjivani Super Speciality Hospital in Ahmedabad

Sanjivani Super Speciality Hospital commenced its healthcare services in the year 1987 under the name of Sanjivani Hospital. Due to their incredible growth, they transformed this small into bigger level in the name of Sanjivani Super Speciality Hospital during the year 2001. Since then they incorporated various medical facilities and features to give every healthcare solutions under one roof.

Address: 1, Uday Park Society,
Near Sunrise Park, Vastrapur,
Phone No: 079- 26306341, 26306431, 26305610/ 11/ 12
Fax No: 079- 26307165
Mobile No: + 91 97123 85485, 90990 89121
Email: sanjivanissh@yahoo.com, vgb.sanjivani@gmail.com
Website: sanjivanihospitals.com

SAL Hospital in Ahmedabad

Established in 2001, SAL is one of the largest hospitals of Gujarat. It is situated in Ahmedabad along with state of art diagnostic, ICU, and 10 speciality centers. This 300 bedded hospital not only caters patients from Gujarat and neighbouring states buy also from foreign countries. They offer excellent medical treatment and healthcare services with the help of exceptional team and infrastructure.

Famous Private Hospitals of Gujarat

Address: Opp Doordarshan, Drive In Road, Ahmedabad
Phone No: 079- 66115600
Fax No: 079- 66115620
Emergency Contact Numbers: 079- 66115649, 9925195656
Email: info@salhospital.com

Sterling Group of Hospitals in Gujarat

Sterling Hospital is well organized healthcare institute chain that incepted its hospitals in all major cities of Gujarat. Ahmedabad, Vadodara, Bhavnagar, Mundra, Gandhinagar, and Rajkot are the esteemed towns which are gifted with such credible hospitals. Their wide range of services include trauma & orthopedic, nephrology, neonatology, critical & emergency, oncology, cardiology and other such.

Address: Sterling Hospital Road
Memnagar, Ahmedabad
Phone No: 079- 40011111
Emergency No: 079- 40011177

Address: Opp Inox Multiplex
Race Course Circle- West, Vadodara
Phone No: 0265- 2323500, 2354455

Address: Plot No 251, 150 feet Road
Opp Gandhigram Police Station, Rajkot
Phone No: 0281- 3944111, 3985666

Address: 17, 18, & 61 - 64
Iscon Mega City, Bhavnagar
Phone No: 0278- 3066500/ 66, 3066666

Group of Hospitals in Gujarat

Sterling Divine Life Hospital
Address: Post Office Road, Adipur
Gandhidham, District Kutch
Phone No: 02836- 260577
Emergency No: 7698155666

Lions Sterling Super Specialty Hospital
Address: Lions Hospital, Jail Road, Mehsana
Phone No: 02762- 240825, 259815

Narayana Multispeciality Hospital (Narayana Health) in Ahmedabad

Narayana Multi Speciality Hospital is the part of large hospital chain called Narayana Health exists in India. This is 300 bed hospital located in the prime city of Ahmedabad. It offers treatment for general medicine, neonatology, obstetrics & gynecology, ophthalmology, pulmonology, pediatrics, gastroenterology, ENT, oncology, urology, orthopedics, along with speciality in neuroscience and cardiac science. Narayana Multi Speciality Hospital is well established along with pathology lab, trauma center, blood bank and 24 hour pharmacy.

Address: Opp Police Station,
Near Chakudiya Mahadev,
Rakhiyal, Ahmedabad
Phone No: 079- 71 222 222
Mobile No: 89800 08147
Emergency No: 079- 71 222 333
Email: info.ahd@nhhospitals.org

Center for Sight Hospital in Gujarat

Center for Sight is well established eye hospital located across state of Gujarat as well as rest of India. Currently their expertise services are available in the city of Ahmedabad, Anand, Jamnagar, Bhavnagar, Bharuch, Rajkot, Manjalpur, Surat, Surendra Nagar, and Vadodara. They offer treatment of LASIK, Cataract, Glaucoma, Cornea, Retina, Pediatric Ophthalmology, Oculoplasty, Facial Aesthetics, and other such.

Address: 101, White Cross, 15,
Patel Society, Gulbai Tekra, Ahmedabad
Phone No: 079- 26401440, 26424590

Address: Ground Floor 1 & 2, Maruti Saday,
Near Indira Gandhi Statue, Lambhvel Road, Anand
Phone No: 02692- 245300, 9662046151

HCG Multi Specialty Hospital in Ahmedabad

This is a leading multi specialty hospital located in the heart of Ahmedabad. It is a well recognized brand in the health care industry. It has capacity of 125 beds with facilities that include NICU, ICCU, ICU, CTSICU, and SICU. It has 24 hours emergency services along with diagnostic services in its fully equipped pathology. There are state of the art equipments in its pathology and radiology departments.

Leading Private Hospitals of Gujarat

Address: HCG Hospital, Mithakhali,
Ellisbridge, Ahmedabad - 380006
Phone No.: +917940010101/108

Kidneyline Healthcare (Bodyline Hospital) in Ahmedabad

Kidneyline Healthcare is complete Urology Andrology and Nephrology Hospital located in the city of Ahmedabad. Operating under the guidance of Dr. Shailesh Shah, Bodyline Hospital is renowned as best kidney hospital in entire state. It is equipped with modern and high-tech apparatus which offers effective treatments for patients.

Address: Opp. Annapurna Hall, Besides Dev Status,
New Vikas Gruh Road, Paldi, Ahmedabad

Medilink Hospital in Ahmedabad

Medilink was established in the year 2002 in Ahmedabad city. Since its inception, this hospital is not only offering quality treatment to the complex diseases but also organizing free check up camps in the city. Along with these, team of doctors from this hospital organizes seminars to educate people regarding health care. It has separate departments for critical care, pathology, ophthalmology, radiology, dental, physiotherapy, and diagnostics.

Opp. Someshwara Jain Temple,
132 ft Ring Road, Satellite,
Ahmedabad - 380015
Phone No.: +91 79 40241000

Shree Krishna Hospital & Medical Research Center in Anand

This is a 550 bedded multi specialty hospital in Anand district. It is run and managed by Charutar Arogya Mandal. They offer affordable medical treatment to the patients in this sophisticated hospital. It has NABL accredited lab, NACO and NABH accredited blood bank, 24 hours trauma center, and packages for periodical health checkups. Along with their privileged services, they offer comprehensive therapeutic services for all kinds of diseases.

Address: Charutar Arogya Mandal,
Gokal Nagar, Karamsad,
Anand - 388325
Phone No.: (91-2692) 228411, 228412

Nursing Homes in Gujarat

Gujarat has many reputed nursing homes established in all the parts of state. These nursing homes offer excellent care to the patients. They include maternity homes and heart care centers. These nursing homes are located near the residential establishments to offer prompt medical services to people in need. They have skilled staff of doctors and nurses along with advanced equipments to offer complete treatment to the patients. Some of the most famous and best nursing homes in Gujarat are:

Nautam Nursing Home in AhmedabadFamous Nursing homes in Gujarat

This nursing home was established in the year 1976. Since then, it is offering appreciable medical care to the patients visiting here. It is also a maternity hospital that serves as infertility clinic, and IVF center.

It has endoscopy doctors, laparoscopic surgeons, and obstetricians in its panel of experts.

Rasala Marg, Ellis Bridge,
Near Mithakali Six Roads,
Ahmedabad - 380006
Phone No.: + (91)-79-30247826

Navjeevan Nursing Home in Vadodara

This nursing home is centrally located in Vadodara city. It is a 38 bedded nursing home with sophisticated facilities that include Recovery room, Operation theatre, suite room, A/C Deluxe room, 24 hours radiology lab, ambulance, emergency services, and medical store.

Address: 1, Devkinandan Flats, 28 - 29,
Anand Nagar Society, Productivity Road,
Vadodara - 390 007
Phone No.: 0265 2342222, 2323200, 2335533, 2335333

Shraddha Maternity and Nursing Home in Ahmedabad

This is a maternity nursing home in Ahmedabad city established in the year 2002. They have expert team of obstetricians and gynecologists along with latest equipments. From prenatal to post natal care, it offers complete medical care and support to their patients.

Address: First Floor, Krupa Appartment,
Chandkheda, Ahmedabad – 382424
Phone No.: + (91)-79-30495794

Vijaya Maternity and Surgical Nursing Home in Ahmedabad

It is a state of the art maternity home in Sabarmati area of Ahmedabad city. It is run by Dr. Nidhi Jain who is a gold medalist and an experienced gynecologist. The nursing home offers advanced treatment as well as diagnostic services to the patients. Their gamut of services includes maternity, infertility, ultra sonography, and family planning services.

Address: Chanakya plaza, opp.Swagat-1 Bungalows,
New CG Road, Chandkheda, Ahmedabad - 382424
Phone No.: (91)-79-23972244, 65212901

Chirayu Medical Nursing Home in Ahmedabad

This is a general nursing home in the city of Ahmedabad. It was established in the year 1995 to offer medical services like general physician, general surgeon, cardiology, diabetologist, and health check up services.

Address: Shop No 2, Neeldeep Complex,
Lad Society Road, Vastrapur,
Ahmedabad - 380015
Phone No.: (91)-9824035522

Nursing homes in GujaratNupoor Nursing Home in Surat

It is a leading nursing home in Surat offering maternity services to women as well as surgical facilities for children and men. Medical services at this nursing home include obstetrics, pediatrics, surgical, physiotherapy, dietetics, and radiology. They organize separate batches for antenatal training and post natal care as well.

Address: 33, Sangam Society,
Opp. Science City,
City light Road, Surat
Phone No.: +91 261 222 9461, +91 261 221 1973

Meru Nursing Home in Bhavnagar

It is a famous nursing home operating in Bhavnagar since last 15 years. It is run by Dr. Dijesh Shah and offers trauma care and neurospinal treatment along with other services that include orthopedic surgery, knee, hip, and joint replacement surgery, Micro neurosurgery, Facio maxillary surgery, etc. They also have in house ambulance, pharmacy, and canteen services. Different categories of rooms are there along with mediclaim facilities.

Address: Vidyanagar, Bhavnagar - 364002
Phone No.: 0278 - 2517511, 2428012, 2220789

Kadji - The Care in Vadodara

It is a nursing and care centre in Vadodara that offers world class facilities to the patients brought here. It is an excellent facility for rehabilitation of stroke patients, neurological patients, coma patients, disabled people, and aged persons. It is an ISO 9001:2008 certified facility that is affiliated with international associations of hospice. They have 24 hours surveillance with CCTV and video communication system.

Kadji House, Visakha society,
Rajesh Tower Road, Gotri,
Vadodara - 390021
Phone No.: 07567776556

Aadit Nursing Home
Address: 2, Santoor Park, Makarand Desai Marg, Gotri,
Behind Mothers School, Vadodara-390007
Phone no.: +91-265-6556337

Acharya Nursing Home
Address: 88/89, Shree Jayambe Co-Op Society,
Subhanpura, Opp. Gorwa Workshop,
Phone no.: +919825040019

Mudra Prasutigruh and Surgical Nursing Home
Address: 4, Raiya Road,Vaishali Nagar,
Rajkot - 360002
Phone No.: +91-281-2474545

Madhav Anand Clinic and Nursing Home
Address: 2, Sidhiviniyak Complex, Near Dhaboli Char Rasta,
Ved Road, Cosway Road, Singanpore, Surat-395004
Phone No.: +919898959566

Shree Rang Nursing Home
Address: Mahajan Market, Sewashram Rd,
Panchbatti, Bharuch-392001

Sutariya Hospital & Maternity Home
Address: 10, Shaktinagar Society,
Opposite Peoples Bank,
Katargam, Surat-395004
Phone No.: +919825130781

Ukti Maternity Home & Fertility Centre
Address: Plot No-735/B, Sector 22,
Near Panchdev Temple, Gandhinagar
Phone No.: (91) – 9824254542

Yoga in Gujarat

Yoga is a traditional yet time tested technique for health care. It ensures complete wellness to the people. Also, it works as a stress buster for over stressed lifestyle of contemporary times. As such, Gujarat has many yoga centers and retreats established in all parts of the state. These centers impart training in various forms of yoga including power yoga, hatha yoga, Kundalini yoga, Ashtang yoga, etc. The state also has some scintillating yoga retreats to rejuvenate you and add a fresh lease of life to your routine.

Yoga Practices and Centres in Gujarat

Yoga Classes and Retreats in Gujarat:

Some of the most sought after yoga centers situated in the state are:

Madhuban Resort and Spa in Vallabh Vidya Nagar

This is a naturopathy centre opened in the year 2009 to offer traditional methods of healing to their guests. They have qualified doctors and therapists to provide personal consultation to every individual. Lifestyle and chronic diseases like diabetes, asthma, obesity, psoriasis, and hypertension are cured at this centre. They have regular schedules of yoga, pranayam, acupressure, and hydrotherapy.

Yoga Retreats in Gujarat

Address: Madhuban Resort & Spa,
Anand - Sojitra Road, Vallabh Vidyanagar,
Phone No.: +91- 2692 239 268

SIVA Yoga Centre in Ahmedabad

These yoga classes are run at Sivanand Ashram of Ahmedabad. Here, you can learn yoga practices like yogic breathing, hatha yoga, yogic dieting, deep meditation, pranayam, etc. It is beautiful and serene ashram where yoga is taught by the trained instructors. They offer 20 days yoga learning course to the learners.
Address: Sivananda Ashram, Sivananda Marg,
Jodhpur Tekri, Ahmedabad - 380 015
Phone No.: 079 – 26861234

Ashtang Yoga Ashram in Ahmedabad

This yoga ashram was set up in the year 1982 to teach yoga practices like hatha yoga in a traditional manner. It has two branches, one at Ahmedabad and another at Udaipur in Rajasthan. At this ashram in Ahmedabad city, people suffering from diseases like diabetes, thyroid, arthritis, fibrosis, sciatica, obesity, and colitis are benefitting with their training. The yoga courses are divided into beginner, intermediate, and advanced level in this ashram.

Yoga Classes in Gujarat

Address: 702, Vaibhav 2, Nr. Shreyas Foundation
Tekra, Ahmedabad
Phone No.: +91-9998465645

Yoga Vedic Village in Ahmedabad

This yoga institute is situated in the tranquil atmosphere of Shilaj Lake. Here, yoga practices like ashtanga, kundalini, chakra, swara, and prenatal yoga are taught along with techniques like pranayam, yog nidra, yogic nadi treatment, and meditation. They offer both courses and retreats to the learners along with online classes. They also offer services like yoga tours, massage, and Ayurvedic treatments at this facility. The food offered is simple and custom diet while there are shared and double accommodations available for staying here.
Address: Opp. Raj Residency, Nr. Shalin Bunglows,
Umiya Mata Mandir Lane, Shilaj
Phone No.: +91 - 9426385615

Nandini Yog Sewa Trust in Surat

This yoga centre in Surat has trained faculty to teach yoga, pranayam, and meditation free of cost to the people. They organize yoga camps and meditation camps from time to time in different parts of the city.
Address: C-13, Mangal Deep Shopping Center,
Bhatar Road, Surat
Phone No.: (O) +91 261 2234084

Art of Living Center in Surat

This centre offers several programs for wellness and natural therapies in the city. They organize Sahaj Samadhi Meditation camps, yoga camps for kids, and happiness programs for stress free living.

Yoga Classes and camps in Gujarat

A/104, Shreenathdhavar Apartment,
Opp. Hira nagar, A.K. Road, Surat
Phone No.: 98251 98515

Satyam Yoga Foundation in Rajkot

This centre was set up in 2008 as a Non Government Organization (NGO). It offers many programs in techniques like yoga, meditation, reiki, and yogic breathing.
Address: Indraprasth Complex, Near Ambika Park,
Hanuman Madhi, Raiya Road, Rajkot
Phone No.: +91 99257 17481, +91 99092 98248

The Yoga Lab in Rajkot

This yoga centre in Rajkot offers complete training for yoga practices and techniques like power yoga, yog nidra, corporate yoga, kids yoga, meditation, stress management, etc. They organize camps and retreats from time to time for the keen learners of yoga.
Address: Aditya Centre - 301/01/03,
Opp. Star Plaza, Phulchhab Chowk,
Phone No.: 7405493818

Health First Yoga Centre in Vadodara

This centre was established in 2010. It has team of yoga experts teaching different practices to the men, women, and children. Since its inception, this centre has successfully healed patients suffering from diseases like cardiac problems, arthritis, diabetes, etc. They teach the practices like cardiac yoga, prenatal yoga, therapeutic yoga, fitness yoga, and corporate wellness.

Yoga Classes and Retreats in Gujarat

205-206, Corner Point,
Above Anjoy Restaurant,
Jetalpur Road, Vadodara
Phone No.: 0265 232 6600 / 09537484767

Sahaj Yoga Centers in Gujarat

Sahaj yoga has established many centres in different cities of Gujarat state. Their centers are running at cities like Ahmedabad, Valsad, Anand, Ankleshwar, Banaskantha, Bhavnagar, Mehsana, Gandhinagar, Vadodara, and Bharuch.

Occupational Therapies and Alternative Treatments in Gujarat

People in the remote areas of Gujarat still have belief on traditional methods of medicine. To make healthcare accessible and viable for them, state government has set up separate department of Indian system of medicine in the state. There are many Ayurvedic, Unani, Siddha, and Homeopathic clinics and dispensaries in Gujarat to serve these people. These institutions offer traditional methods of treatments in proper manner under expert supervision of trained staff to ensure better treatment without any harm.

Alternative Therapies in Gujarat

Directorate of Indian System of Medicine and Homeopathy

State Government of Gujarat established Department of Ayurveda in its founding year 1960. It was later changed into Directorate of Indian System of Medicine and Homeopathy. This directorate is entrusted with providing development, maintenance, and technical assistance to the Ayurvedic and homeopathic hospitals in the state. It also provides education, training, and research to the staff of these institutions. Currently, there are 32 ayurvedic hospitals, 216 homeopathic dispensaries, and 523 Ayurvedic dispensaries in the state. Also there are 16 mobile dispensaries to serve the remote areas of Gujarat.

The directorate has set up Ayurveda pharmacies at Vadodara and Rajpipala to manufacture Ayurvedic medicines. The department has 10 herbal gardens where 150 medicinal plants are nurtured. Here, endangered species like Patala, Bhallatak, Chandan, etc.

Homeopathic Council as well as Gujarat Board of Ayurveda and Unani System of Medicine are the government bodies to register the practitioners of Indian System of Medicine and Homeopathy.

Address: AYUSH, Government of Gujarat
Block No 14, 1st Floor, Dr. Jivraj Mehta Bhavan,
Gandhinagar, Ahmedabad
Phone No.: 91-79-23250767
Website Link: https://gujhealth.gov.in/Ayush.htm

With all these sophisticated multi specialty hospitals and progressive schemes, the health care sector of Gujarat looks quite promising in the future as well. The state has some of the largest and the best health care institutions that are bringing laurels to entire country. The medical tourism in booming here with full swing and Gujarat seems to emerge out as a pioneer in health reforms for India.

You can also explore city wise information of health care in Gujarat through following links:

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